Trying to find this small hidden beach in Kenting

Last time I was in Kenting a few years ago, I was shown this secret little enclosed beach. It had a small path in the woods that lead to it and was completely enclosed by rocks to block off all the current making it very safe for swimming. It felt like a secret location but a lot of people seemed to be catching on to it. Anyone know of this place I am talking about and where it is located? There’s a blog here that talks about it and shows pictures of it but her location seems a little off. Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this matches the description.

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I think that might be it! Thanks! Oddly though I remember there being more water (compared to the street view image)when I was there but it does look very similar. Do you happen to know if it’s accessible by a short patch in the woods? If so, then that is probably it.

Swim there at your peril or if you want three headed kids. It’s right next to the nuclear plant sluice outlet.


Haha thanks for the tip. Well, I swam there before and I guess I am fine.

Give it a few more years.

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I heard you was pissing purple for weeks…:eggplant:

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I was looking at a bunch of hidden beaches, and I think the one I posted might not be the one you are talking about.

There seems to be this very secretive hidden beach that every poster refuses to give out its exact location.

Like this article:

All I know is it is rather close to the nuclear sluice outlet.

I think it might be this one:

If you look at the satellite image, there is a small path into the woods by the road.

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I think the one you posted is it though because the rocks are in the same location that I remember.

I was told that was normal.

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Radiation from the plant, effluent from upper coast, strong currents past the tip. Pingtung has many awesome swimming spots!

I hear the white coral reefs are something to behold :wink:

Can drive a car right to the spot. Very convenient if don’t want or can’t walk much.

Maybe a path but didn’t see it.