Trying to reduce weight!


That’s a well-rounded set of skills. There are many that could bench more, but then would need 40 minutes to run 5k. And others that are your age who could run a sub 20-minute 5k but then would have difficulty with 100 lbs on the bench. Even the pull-ups is nice as this shows low weight in a healthy way. I’m impressed.


Honestly, I don’t even know. I would say when I was skipping lunch I was probably only taking in 1000 to 1500 calories per day while gaining muscle mass. But, I have started to drop weight like crazy almost .5 lbs every other day so now I have to increase my food intake. I’m starting to eat a lot more protein so beef, beef tendon, almonds, peanut butter, pistachios and lots of fruits and vegetables. I’m probably around 1750 to 2000 now. When I was younger I was probably taking in 3000 calories per day and I could never get past 155 lbs.


Thanks. Yeah, I wish I could run 3 miles in 18 minutes as it would be a faster workout! :grin: I think I’m just average in that I can do many things ok but not anything exceptional which is fine because you’re looking for balance. I don’t want to look like a marathon runner nor do I want to look like a muscle bound freak. Anyway, the point is that if I can do this at 40 there’s no excuse for others to not spend 30 minutes to an hour a day exercising. When you’re exercising don’t take it easy on yourself, work up a sweat and get your heart going. Do this and be disciplined with your diet and you’ll see amazing results which will make you feel good about yourself.


You may have the bar set higher, but 23min for a 5K…is pretty damn fast. I would assume the average person who works out on a regular basis can do 5K in 28-30 minutes.

Plenty of valid excuses to not exercise for 30 minutes to an hour everyday. For the locals, sometimes, it’s really not laziness, but life consumes their free time. When you’re living the 25K a month lifestyle with 12 hour shifts where you’re living pay check to pay check, exercising is probably the last thing on your mind.


I actually ran my 5k in 22:45 mins today :slight_smile:, and I didn’t feel like shit afterward :wink: I’m not a good runner at all. If you’re running regularly, 8 minute mile is definitely very doable. I think once you get to 7 minutes or below that’s when it becomes extremely taxing on the body.

Yes, there’s lots of stuff going on in life that might prevent you from exercising, but I know people who only sleep 4 to 5 hours a night and still find time to exercise early in the morning. It’s a matter of making time to do it. Now in Asia and Europe, people have the advantage of having to walk everywhere. These people are miles ahead of your typical North American.


In many ways, that’s my story and it’s also why I do triathlons (the shortest distance): I’m probably only a bit better than average in the three disciplines, but not really exceptional in any one of them. I seem to do okay in the swims, but I know that’s because people my age don’t swim all that good in Taiwan. The young guys are definitely coming around, though. I’ll being doing a relay later this year and our (young) swimmer estimates 17 minutes for 1500m. I’m sure the open water will slow him down, but still, damn that’s flying.



The swimming is what’s holding me back from doing a triathlon. I hate swimming, plus my shoulder is all f’ed up hahah. Good for you. Doing triathlons are no joke.


Swimming is what holds just about everyone back. I don’t know what’s going on with your shoulder, but it seems that if you can do pull-ups like a madman, then swimming should be doable, especially if you stick with freestyle and your mechanics are okay (just a simple straight arm pull it would seem should work). But I’m no sports doctor and I guess it would be possible to be able to do pull-ups but feel pain when swimming. If you can get the swimming worked out (meaning no pain), I highly recommend trying a triathlon. They’re a lot of fun and the atmosphere at the races is really something special (better than cycling or running races- sorry cyclists and runners!). And there are many added benefits like being great for weight control, and being a great way to exercise often and avoid injury due to the cross-training involved.


Hi I am new to this forum, actually forums in general but I wanted to say that I’ve recently lost about 30kg (66 pounds) and I did it through limiting alcohol, sugar, and carbs, committing to 10 mins exercise a day, lots of water, minimizing internet/screen time, movement when I realize I’m stationary and I know it might sound silly but I think increasing my mental happiness has helped (maybe hormonal or something). I did that last one through listening to comedy podcasts and stand-up specials mostly. Main thing is seeing what you’re doing as a way of behaviour/discipline for the sake of the act, and not for the sake of some desired goal or end result. Being better for better sake even if nothing comes of it. Kind of an “act as if” mentality based on what you want to be.


Why the hate. Why.


Honestly, this is something most people don’t want to hear. I’ve completely abstained from alcohol besides a tiny sip of something for the taste buds after a nice meal. I feel so much better in every way.


Well done mate!! @Andrew0409


Honest question. What about sustaining from it for long periods of time, say weeks on end, then having more than a half pint. For arguments sake, let’s say, I had 3-4 of those large glass bottles of Taiwan beer.

Is it considered a cheat day or did I just nullified the long period of time in which I wasn’t drinking?


Same here. Alcohol doesn’t make sense to me after I haven’t had any in the past 6 months. Life is so much better without it.


You will be surprised how many people will try get you to drink if you are in a social place where other people are drinking. Not necessarily a bar, but a restaurant/baseball game/mates house etc

I told my vegetarian friend I have given up alcohol like he has given up meat and I think he kinda understands now.


It’s not going to undo your progress. I’m talking about alcohol as a lifestyle choice as much as it hurts your diet. I have no issue drinking if there’s some big event with all my closes friends that I actually want to drink with. But there’s honestly so few of them and nothing really that makes me want to commit a night a possibly next day after to being intoxicated and then a bit hangover. I rather do something. I’m not saying don’t drink. Drinking here and there won’t hurt most people, and most people are not like me who want to compete athletically. So for the average person, once in a while is not a big deal. But there’s a reason most world class athlete don’t drink when they prepare to compete.


I normally like to participate in festivities maybe twice a month, so that’s why I ask.

However, when it comes to a big race, I try to sustain in the month leading up to it. I’m not trying to win first prize or anything, but I like to know I did my best to prepare to do my best.


Good that you quit a month leading up to it

and def messes up your diet


A good article on why I never long distance.