Trying to reduce weight!


Did you do a DEXA scan that read 6%?


No not that advanced of one. Is there one in taiwan? I kept track all the way from 16 to 6. And I looked kinda gross at 6. 8 -10 I looked great. I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate. But I can tell it’s around 6.


I agree that we shouldn’t get obsessed. I’m down 5-6 kilos and I plan to hold steady pretty soon- almost there I believe. The results on the hills are just amazing. No cycling on the mountains for months, weight loss, and then I start racking up the pr’s. I actually recommend it even for recreational riders. Again, don’t get obsessed but just lose a little of the excess crap. Hell, we throw money around to buy gear to get faster. Why not do what’s probably much more effective and lose that stomach?!

Anyway, personally, I actually decided to lose weight for running and I kind of stumbled on to this added benefit of being much better in the mountains when cycling. Nice little surprise.

Edit: By the way, this heat is really messing with my running. I can tell I would be faster, but 30 degrees and 70% humidity at 6:30 am is really putting a damper on things. I start to fade after about 2 kilometers and I’m dead at the end of a 5k run (if I pushed myself).


I have a scale and I don’t trust that for body fat at all. My stomach is visibly down and even my face looks leaner. The scale? It shows the same percentage (about) as when I first started. Total junk that scale for anything but just weight.


That’s so true.It is much more effective to do it, especially if you are not fit.

Re the PR’s, I don’t know why, but I’m also getting lots of PR’s recently, after having stopped riding for months… weird. And I’m sure that I was stronger by the time I stopped… O_o

I should get back to running some day, but heat and the fact that I can’t get very far by running, puts me off :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because you adjust your lifestyle to make improvements on your hobbies doesn’t make you some wannabe professional.The point is @marasan 's idea of cycling and going about improving his times by adjusting his entire lifestyle is HIS way of doing things. It makes him feel better that by making this drastic change in his lifestyle, he has successfully improved his times.

What or who does he do it for if he’s not competing for a medal? Himself maybe?


Not necessarily, but in many cases… yes. Don’t get me wrong, people can do whatever they want and I don’t care, it’s just something I wouldn’t do, and that… er… I don’t know how to put it. Do I find it stupid? no. But almost :stuck_out_tongue:

May be I’m wrong but it sounded like if @marasan was indeed far from his ideal weight, so in his case I think that it’s a good idea to have a healthier life style, so he can feel better and be fitter, which obviously has a positive impact in his riding and running. Good. But to get obsessed over weight, training, and shit like that… meh.


It’s one of those ones you get tested at. Not a normal scale. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s not far off. But to be honest the mirror is probably the best way for people to see their goals. I just wanted to keep track more accurately.


It’s this kind of test…I got down to around 5% It felt awful.


I wonder what the test consists on, if I can take it here, and for how much.

But I already know that I’m fatter than what I should :smiley:


No obsession from me. I wanted to lose 4 kilos. When I got there, I decided to go one more. And when I got there, one more. Now I’m down 6 kilos and I’m going to hold things steady. I had a normal lunch at work today for the first time in a long time and it tasted great! I’m plan to do some heavy beer imbibing in a couple of days. I still need to be careful, but again, definitely no obsession.

I do think I’ve kicked much of my sugar habit and my need to drink daily. Maybe that will be enough to hold things where they’re at. If not, I know how to lose a bit again to keep things at my present weight.


What were your height and weight before and after this painful depart from sugar and beer?


183cm and 93 kilos. So I’m now 87 kilos. I think I could go down about two more kilos without risking any loss to muscle, but I want to take a break and make sure I haven’t lost any ability in the pool. And it hasn’t been completely refraining from alcohol that whole time. I allowed myself once per week and cheated on that a bit here and there.

Edit: That’s “overweight” according to some BMI scales. But I’m not without muscle in my upper body, and most of those scales don’t take that into account. Anyway, I don’t care about those damn scales!


BMI is not the best for athletes.


Sure. So bad that I’m too old for even considering becoming one :smiley:


That’s alright. May be I’m wrong (there are other factors like how “wide” your bones structure is, muscles, etc), but you were probably heavier than what you should (no offense intended).

Damn, I also need to lose some kgs… now that I was reviving my love for beer… which I shouldn’t drink anyway for medical reasons :frowning:


Anyone who is having a really hard time losing weight and finding how to live a healthy life style of exercises and work outs that are not useless and boring. Please feel free to send me a PM. I’d be happy to help anyone out, free of charge. Fitness is one of my joys in life, and don’t freak out, I won’t make you do crazy diets and 5 hours of training like wheb im getting ready for a fight. I work with all sorts of people and if you just one some simple pointers, i’d be happy to help.


One huge mistake I was talking to someone about losing body fat is cutting calories and cutting nutrients at the same time. Your body need nutrients from protein to vitamins to fat to function. When you cut calories for the sake of just cutting calories and losing body fat without still eating nutrientious calories. Your body will not function well, including burning body fat for energy efficiently. So don’t be afraid of calories if they are from foods filled with nutrients!


That shouldn’t be a concern for most people, as the food sources which contribute to body fat are carbohydrates and fats, which are pretty much devoid of essential nutrients. The exception being Omega-3 fatty acids in some fats, but most cheap, readily available sources of fat don’t have them anyway.

Seriously, you will get much more essential nutrients from 10 calories of bok choy than 100 calories of white rice.


If you eat nothing but bok choy you’ll be in exactly the position Andrew is warning about, ie., half-starved and miserable.

Your body needs energy from either carbohydrates or fat. Or both. If it has carbohydrates it will “refuse” to use fat for energy. If it has fat and no carbohydrates it will burn fat quite happily, converting the glycerol backbone to glucose if necessary (mostly, it isn’t).

If you load up on protein while restricting carbs and fats, you will (a) feel like shit and (b) convert a lot of protein (very inefficiently) to glucose, which is a really, really expensive way of giving your body carbs.

Having said that, if you’re eating plenty of fat (which is very energy-dense - you don’t need much) then eating veg is an excellent way of filling your stomach with bulk, which will make you feel comfortably full. And of course you’ll get your vitamins etc.

If you’re working out hard, you can probably choose freely between any mix of carbs and fat and get broadly similar results. If you’re not, and you’re trying to lose bodyfat, you’d be better off relying on dietary fat for energy and eliminating carbs as much as possible.