Trying to reduce weight!


The only exercise that helps me lose weight is weight lifting (or any resistance training). From what I’ve read research wise (and I’m pretty sure you know more than me) exercise has minimal effect for those who are already significantly overweight. It works for me, though. Steak and eggs followed by a workout and I’m good to go. Usually to the toilet, but that’s probably part of the weight loss.


I find it easy to eat healthy in Taiwan. At least easier than in Europe. Only problem for me is, i don’t like exercising alone.

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@marasan, what you described doesn’t sound healthy at all to me. To be starving the whole day sounds like an unnecessary torture… and probably pointless.

I mean, what’s the goal? what do you think that will be better just for becoming a TW girl on diet? I don’t think that you are in your ideal weight if you are so hungry, and if performance is what you worry about, 1) probably you won’t perform well being malnourished, and 2) fuck performance. Why do you practice sports, for being healthy, or for winning medals? if the latter is the answer, please ditch the diet if you didn’t win any already.


I don’t do a whole lot of CV these days - mainly because I have some weird old-people joint/tendon issues that stop me. I do a very intense weight workout with heavy weights and no breaks, which is really all the CV work I need.

I think it’s a good thing to get your heart rate up now and then, but yeah, for seriously overweight people, I’d say it would be better to lose weight first - by fixing your diet - than risk doing yourself an injury pounding away on the treadmill.


I just do that for one meal a day- and it has worked. And I have lost no time in the pool. I’m a faster runner (well, the real test will be when the temperatures drop a bit more, but I seem to be okay whenever there’s a dip in temps like just last week when I got a pr on a 6k run), and a faster cyclist (pr’s all over the place on the mountains with the lost weight, and on flats I just did recently, again pr’s with almost no flat work in recent months).

What’s the goal? Well, my running sucks and that’s why I started all this. But now that I’ve lost the weight, I like how I look (wearing a 34 waist for the first time in years), and I just love the improvements on the mountains when cycling. No going back for me.

So it’s just one meal a day and during the week. And I still have my daily beer after work, a big breakfast (lots of carbs, actually, which I’ll try to change around now to see what happens), and a big dinner most every day. I don’t avoid carbs altogether but I definitely stuff myself with whatever meat is there and go a bit easy on the rice, bread, etc. So it’s not as bad as you make it sound! Seven kilos and now just maintaining.

BUT… having said all this, I’m willing to try a new approach to see what happens. It does kind of suck being hungry for those few hours every day.


I lost well over 40kg by changing my relationship with food - it took years of course but the results have been largely self-sustaining. No exercise initially.

It’s a longish story but simply: no sugar or processed food. Breads are in the same category as treats to me and to be enjoyed sparingly.

I run now and when training I eat constantly all day long.

The only weakness I have is fruit and I love the occasional hamburger. When I was in Canada recently, baked goods were too good to pass up but the occasional biscuit shouldn’t kill me.

My at rest heart rate is so low now I often wonder if I’m actually alive.


That’s insane. You should do some kind of personal training or run some kind of diet camp.

I really like how they ask me if I exercise when checking my pulse while getting a health exam.

Is that bad?


Ha … same here. I have a croissant once or twice a week and a burger maybe every other month. I never ever think, oh nonono I’m not allowed to eat that. I very rarely want to eat these things, but on the rare occasion I do, I just go for it. As you say, it comes down to changing your relationship with food.

Fruit isn’t “bad”, but it’s best avoided if you’re trying to do a ketogenic (fast weight loss) cycle. For me personally, I’d rather just eat the fruit and lose weight more slowly.


I have a wide variation in heart rate - 37 at rest and a record 214 while running up some hill in high heat. At 50, 214 wouldn’t be advisable but I didn’t notice at the time.

I suffered an injury this month which means no running for awhile, so I’m trying yoga, weight training and cycling. My physiotherapist thinks I am far too weak to run as much as I do (did). I’m interested to see what effect weight training has on my skinny body but I find it a bit boring. I wish Hsinchu had crossfit, I would love to try that but it would likely aggravate my injury.


Eating fruits in the morning should be totally fine, bananas maybe but other than that I don’t see the big deal.


I am on keto diet for weight loss and result has been awesome thus far. Maybe you can try keto diets for your weight loss goal. You can also use the keto calculator to check your calories intake on daily basis. I am sure you will get the result because I am without doing any workout.


I try to eat some kind of fruit every day. Avoiding fruit seems too extreme for me- almost like being a vegetarian and avoiding garlic, onions, etc.! Yeah, if that’s part of the diet, then I agree with your approach.

I can’t avoid bananas. They’ve got to be better than a huge/sweet bread snack or a snickers bar for this kind of diet, right?


Of course. Bananas do contain fat and sugar but not the same kind as snickers bars. Natural sugar and fat contained in fruits are alright. Just avoid to eat them at night and it should be fine. Same for avocados.


Interesting story, my sister’ bf lost 20 kilos with the following diet:

  • breakfast: eating anything and in big quantity (cheese, bread, meat etc.)
  • lunch: cabbage
  • dinner: cabbage

Sounds radical (can’t recommend that :D) but it shows how fine it is to eat fat and sweet food in the morning.
(he was injured though so could not do demanding physical activities).


You don’t need to eat only cabbage, but apparently/reportedly to eat a lot in the breakfast and then reduce the intake of calories each next meal helps a lot (and makes sense)


I mean was he actually in shape or did he struggle to even lift 5kgs of anything. Sounds like an awful way to lose weight. Probably lost a lot of muscle as well.


He plays rugby and was fit… then got injured and got fat… and lost 20 kilos like this in 6 months.
Yeah it sounds bad but it surprisingly worked. He is back to playing rugby now and looks good.
But obviously if you have physical job during the day, it is not possible to have such radical diet.


I have heard of decent success with a bastardized version of intermittent/alternate day fasting.


I rather be obese and die of a heart attack than eat only cabbage everyday for lunch and dinner. It’s not worth it. I love food. Idk how he could possibly done that, I would be so miserable. He must have been really been committed or love cabbage.


Sounds like the cabbage soup diet which was popular when I was a kid. I tried it when I was young and obese, it was horrible.