Trying to reduce weight!


Calories In vs. Calories Out pretty much plays the biggest factor. People have lost weight eating only McDonald’s. Just made sure their overall calories was beneath their TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). There’s plenty of online TDEE calculators that will tell you how many calories you need to eat to maintain/lose weight.

Now, obviously the nutrition obtained from only McDonald’s isn’t ideal, but it shows how effective counting your calories contributes to weight loss. It’s simple, but obviously not easy to accomplish. The reason people don’t do this because it’s very difficult to control calorie intake when you are eating fast foods. Eating veggies is a much easier way to control your calorie intake while still being able to eat a decent amount of food.


I must confess. Things haven’t been going smoothly in my personal and work life. I’ve pretty much stopped working out and I’m eating horribly. For 2 months. I can normally eat a lot of home cooked food and be ok. But I’m eating out, ordering stuff and taking trips to 711 every night getting drinks and snacks.

I’ve lost some muscle from the eye test. And def gained more body fat. I’ll be trying to get back in shape. And I’ll be doing what I preach to get back into shape. No cardio like jogging, no crazy diet. No extremely low calorie diets and no stimulants. Even coffee.
I’ll measure my body fat, lean mass and total weight and keep track.

The only cardio like workout would be 1-2 sparring sessions a week. About 3-5 3min rounds each time. I’ll mostly be lifting weights only. I’ll be training and Helping as a cornerman for someone’s upcoming fight so I’ll be busy doing that.

only supplements I’ll take is whey protein, L-carnitine, creatine and BCAAs. No stimulants for weight loss. These will only be supplements. Not meal replacements.


Try Biking. The Island has a lot to offer.


I been trying to reduce my weight by eating more vegetables and fruits less meat.
Then I notice still the same weight …I can’t fit into my dress. :blush:

Went to check with lady doctor and to shorten did have blood test and I got “hypothyroid” and that was the culprit.

Now trying to change my diet and taking med for thyroid and adding up some light exercise after office work.


So I’ve been helping my gf lose body fat. She resisted for so long for my help. She ate very little calories and always did a lot of treadmill work. Guess what, she saw no progress after months. Finally one day I pointed out. Notice where most fat people are in the gym. Guess where. Treadmills. From that day she started eating more and lifting more weights. Her scale has not gone down but she looks way healthier and clearly had less body fat. If you want to lose weight. Ditch the treadmills. There’s better ways. And you can get cardio is more efficient ways.


That’s the bit I don’t get about these crazy diets. Why put yourself through purgatory? Why not just eat a proper diet that’s inherently unlikely to make you fat? The changes required are quite minimal and you can keep it going for, like, forever. It seems like some people just enjoy making themselves suffer, as if they think they should be punished for being fat.

I have an acquaintance who’s endlessly going on diets of her own invention, mostly completely ridiculous. Predictably enough she either gets fatter or loses nothing. If you can’t eat your cabbage diet forever then it’s pointless, because six months later you’ll be fat again on your “normal” diet.

It took me a long time to figure this out. The mythology is very pervasive: even the scientific research has only recently validated this idea.

No, it doesn’t. It’s complete and utter rubbish invented by people who failed high-school biology and physics. For 50 years that “energy balance” nonsense has caused endless misery and suffering. It appalls me that a science teacher, of all people, should be perpetuating this myth. It’s true enough that if you consistently under-eat (ie., starve yourself) you will lose weight, but it’s inefficient, it hurts, you will either lose muscle mass or have trouble gaining it, and you will plateau at a (relatively) high BMI … as in fact Cisna appears to have done: the guy looks like shit in that ‘after’ picture.

Anyway, the vast majority of people simply can’t starve themselves because it doesn’t feel nice. Statistically, only about 3% of low-calorie fans manage to keep it up long-term, and for many people it doesn’t work even when they stick to it religiously: genetic variation is a big factor in how well it works.

I realise that Cisna is not suggesting that people should eat McDonalds all the time, but it seems to me that McDonalds are cynically spinning his experiment to ensure that people keep eating crap so that they can keep making profits.

You really don’t need to do this. You’re from the Philippines, right? Just ditch the rice at breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick with the extra veggies. Eat lechon and crispy pata if you want to - you need that fat for energy and for various other metabolic essentials.

50-60% of middle-aged Filipinos are diabetic or overweight because they’re endlessly eating rice. There’s nothing wrong with rice in moderation, but the way Filipinos eat it is like drinking water from a fire hose. It really annoys me that little kids are taught to eat this way in school, so they never question it.



No I’m not into rice and noodles and will only have them once in blue moon.

My health issue that I thought died just resurrected and i’m now hypothyroid, i’m eating more veges and fish and some white meat and eggs and I also avoid fried meat.

Now in medicines.


bad luck with the hypothyroid issue, I guess, but don’t do that “low fat” thing if you’ve genuinely eliminated rice, noodles, etc. Without carbohydrates, the only place your body can get the energy it needs is from fat. The worst possible thing you can do to yourself is low fat plus low carb and/or low-calorie. At best, you’re going to feel awful, and you could actually end up in the ER.

Lean protein is the one thing a (human) body can’t subsist on; people have actually died when, by necessity, they’ve been forced to eat nothing but low-fat meat.



Ha, ha!

Unrelated to your point, though, I like running and aerobic activities in general because of how they make you strong mentally and because of the discipline it takes to get good at any such activity. I like also the resulting aesthetic benefits, but that really is secondary.

C’mon sub 25-minute 5k, sub 1-hour 40k cycling, and sub 26-minute 1500m swim!


I have done much better, when I was younger :slight_smile:

Dunno this one… stupid me, but I guess I do it under 60 and less… depending on the track of course

That’s impressive. I used to swim when I was a kid and now I’m trying to swim again… last time I did 1.5k but stopping every 50m and taking a rest in the sauna and steamer every 500m xD It’s really tiring…


Running is my weakness. But I’m determined to do something about that. I’m at around 26:30 on the 5k. Very average, even for my age.

I got about 1:03 or 1:04 when I did cycling for a triathlon relay team (hard to know exactly because they lump together the transition times, so maybe even a bit better). Flat course but lots of cyclists. Better than last year so I’m happy.

I came in at right around 26:30 a few days ago at Songshan (25m pool). It was just me and another in my lane. Two others eventually joined us, making things difficult for me. I think I’m almost at this goal (of getting under 26 minutes). Time for more intervals this weekend.

Some type of indoor exercise is necessary in Taiwan because of the weather (unless you like taking a break every time it rains or when it’s 36 degrees and hot as hell), so I highly recommend keeping it up. If you need to take a break every 50m (and you’re doing fine on the bike), it’s most likely form and definitely not lack of aerobic ability. The common problem is legs sinking. Fix that by looking down instead of forward. Fine-tuning things by getting your breathing down.


For me weight gain is pretty detrimental to my everyday life. Having suffered knee ligament and ankle fractures. I can feel a lot of discomfort once I start putting on weight. Even if it’s muscle.


I am very unhappy with my tummy. Age is really getting to me.


Just punish it by not feeding it…win win!


Difficult. Near the office, there is this cute café. They have a triple layer chocolate cake. In between each layer there is chantilly cream and banana slices, all covered in ganache.

That is my version of a triple scotch after a hard day at work.


Ouch! Sounds like you’d be better off with the triple Scotch…


Honestl, if I wasn’t young and played sports. I probably just eat ice cream and cake all day.


Age makes everything more difficult - recovery times especially. Kids just keep going and going, meanwhile I’m on the sidelines trying to stretch out muscles so I can run again the next day.


I wouldn’t have it all day or every day, as there are many diabetics in my family. But won’t say no to an occassional treat for mental health’s sake.

I am not so fond of cake and ice cream in Taiwan. It just just not taste the same. Ocassionally I still need something to take the edge of the day, and a nice cake hits the spot - at 180 ntd a piece, mind you. Still not as good, so I do not have it often.

Ice cream I had a blast in Japan. Anywhere and anywhere, all flavors, awesome.