TSA to/from KHH to end end of August

Once the golden domestic route, it will be shuttered from the end of August. And i suppose the route to Hengchun will follow soon if not already.

THen only flights to offshore islands or Eastern TAiwan.

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … 2003538360

Western trunk routes all to be gone due to HSR (rightly so).

Never flew Taipei Sungshan to Hsinchu but they used to do those with SAABs .

NEver flew Taipei Sungshan to Chiayi but i think Far Eastern flew that once.

Flew a lot of Sungshan to Tainan and Sungshan to Kaohsiung.

Never flew Sungshan to Hengchun. But that airport is a white elephant along with that route.