Tsai Hsing School

What do some of you netizens know about the Tsai Hsing Private School in Taipei?
According to its history, the school was founded on Christmas Day 1949 by Dr.
Helen Chang. This school is a large campus that ranges from Kindergarten to
high school. The school is built on a philosophy of promoting reading, academic achievement, and working beyond the development of academic skills such as cultivating
a moral code and contributing to civic duty.
I have been reading some reviews on this school on Google. I have seen 5-star ratings, but I have also seen 1-star ratings about the school based on what some people have seen about the students, or what they have heard about the school, or perhaps what they have experienced.
I’ve experienced work only in Taiwan’s public schools, but I heard that in Taiwan’s private schools the work there may be more demanding. But how about the salary?
I have also read that Tsai Hsing School has a chapel where they have mass services. From what I read Tsai Hsing School is NOT a private Catholic School, but the owner of the school is probably a Catholic. I’m a reformist protestant.
So for those of you who have a deeper knowledge about Tsai Hsing School, you feedback is gladly welcomed.

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