Tsai Ing-wen Again

I suspected that Lai running was a way to gain more press for DPP, and since admitting defeat Lai and his aids have said as much, although I can’t be sure if they said it because that was their plan all along or just to keep face.

What I fear is deep fractures from within or worse. I think I have been reading Taiwan News too long:


A-Bien needs to STFU.


If he said that, he shouldn´t.

It’s interesting that Luo Wen-jia, who seemed to have been a Chen protoge back in the day, spoke up to say that Chen is off the mark here.


Korea Fish already destroyed himself.

There’s a lot of internal conflicts and factions within the KMT. Chu is likely to end up as the only one most can accept in the end. At least according to some analyses.

Which is good because no one needs another KMT administration.

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The Hong Kong protests have enabled Tsai to look somewhat presidential and get a lot of good press. I agree that the Korean Fish is losing steam in the general population but the rabid support that he has among many supporters is something no other candidate can hope for.

Terry B’s assessment back in June is in line with polling data, analyzed here by Frozen Garlic’s Nathan Batto in what he calls six astonishing months, encompassing February to August 2019. It’s quite the read!


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Stuff in Love Field is expensive AF. The Gatorade is a whole dollar more expensive than the DC airports.

Explanation I heard was that it’s in a wealthy area.

Ok somebody explain to me slowly, as if I was a 2 year old, why in the name of all mercy are they bringing 2 against one, I mean, Han and Guo against Tsai?

I am going to get an ulcer by mid January.

To weaken a minority government. 40% loses because 2X30% shoots down any decisions.

They are hoping that Han’s popularity sees a steep decline after the party and Chinese control media stopped backing him. If Guo can take over most of Han’s votes, then they have a shot against Tsai, without publicly admitting defeat and replace Han half way through like the last election when they replaced Hong Hsiou-Chu.

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The DPP finally announced their VP candidate: William Lai, a former lawmaker, Tainan mayor, premier, presidential primary contender, and man never short of self confidence:


Ugh. I liked Chen.

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Not that one. The doctor.

It’s almost as if he never existed…which I suppose is good for a vice president.

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My boss says Ms. Tsai…
Then I didn’t realized his also Tsai :thinking: