Tsai Ing Wen calls Trump


It’s SCMP…it tows the one China line these days.
It’s trying to say Americans can’t control their President, even though they just voted him in.
The irony.

Shadow of its former self.
Just like HK


I don’t know, something feels off to me. I like the idea of Trump reaching out.

But, before Trump was even on the scene, my prediction was China was going to mess around with islands outside what is defined as part of Taiwan in the Taiwan Relations Act. Perhaps the Pratas and Taiping Island, or god forbid Jinmen, the Matsus, the Wuqiu Island.

I was thinking they would push that in a few years yet and then manufacture some reason to be outraged and ramp it up to the max, before doing something. Yet now tensions are being ramped up at least to 7, Plus Tsai Ing Wen’s trip to Guatemala is being protested by the Chinese. At least her stop over. On Jan. 11-12. A week before a handover to Trump, who it seems will take a much more aggressive stance to a China government. Tsai out of the country a week before Trump transitions into power with China ramping up it’s rhetoric exponentially, i’m not liking this at all.

Or tell me to wear a tin hat.


That paper certainly has changed over the years. But the cartoonist has been around since before the Handover, if I’m not mistaken. He always (or almost always) depicts China as a panda and the US as Uncle Sam.


烏坵 Wuqiu: reported today. Chinese fishing fleet invades military exclusion zone:

If you can’t read the text, look at the pictures.


He’s giving the ChiComs the Queeg treatment. Goad them into showing unjustified anger so they lose face.

Now it’ll be a lot harder for them to get away with using any excuse they might manufacture. If you think that war is avoidable, this is insane. If you accept that war is inevitable, this is what they call battlefield preparation. If war can’t be avoided, then plan to win it.


How long have you been here for?

Was MUCH worse tension back in the 90s and also during CSB’s time.

People should stop peeing in their pants and get some spine.

The new US president is making it clear he’s not a friend of China and is a friend of Taiwan. If you got to China that’s all you see in CCTV for years…anti Japanese this, anti American that, anti taiwanese this.

Chinese have been riding roughshod over everybody in the region and having a laugh at the WTO and supposed free trade since they joined. Finally somebody is calling them out on it.


Is it though? I don’t see that cartoon as being pro-China in any way. Surely the panda bear is not portrayed in a positive light in that cartoon. Look at the furrowed brow, the eyes, the mouth, the crossed arms. It looks like a grumpy old man. They both do (well, Uncle Sam looks more exasperated than grumpy). Unless the cartoon is anti-China, pro-Trump, I think it is confused. I don’t think that it is trying to be anti-China, pro-Trump though. How many major publications anywhere in the world would adopt that position? You could probably count them on one hand. Everyone knows that any right thinking, nay righteous, people hate Trump and think he’s an idiot.


I was here, people took China seriously then. Now they are waved off as bluffing. Just pointing out what I would do, if I were China and I was being waved off as bluffing and wanted to be taken seriously again. Like I say, hope I’m wrong.


I don’t think being used qualifies as being regarded as an ally/friend.


I’m not sure what people don’t get.

China is already very aggressive in South China Sea and flying sorties around Taiwan with bombers.

We need to support our democratically elected government and not chicken shit our way into the PRC-KMT Hong Kong style disaster.


It doesn’t, then what are friends for if they don’t help each other?

We need the US security support and also their arms to have a defensive capability in Taiwan. No US support no free Taiwan.
It’s THAT simple.

So much waffle out there.


There is no evidence that the US is committed to our alliance at all. I wouldn’t bet on this “friendship”.

America and Canada are friends, EU states are friends, but America and Taiwan is honestly more like a desperate, begging relationship, not exactly friendship-like.


Be a friend to yourself before trying to be a friend to others. Be a friend to others before expecting others to be a friend to you.

Taiwan’s relationship to the US has been one of dependency. The Ozymandias years ought to have taught Taiwan not to rely on fickle protectors, if getting kicked out of the UN hadn’t gotten that message across.

The Donald will probably be more kindly disposed to help Taiwan out. But what about when he’s gone? Dependency is helplessness. Helplessness is stressful and demoralizing. Taiwan needs to take charge of its own future.

It may not be realistic for Taiwan to defend against a ChiCom invasion all on its own, but it can certainly carry more of its own weight. Beef up the military enough and Taipei can start dealing with allies on a more equal basis. You get the respect you earn and demand.


:rofl: Relax Guy! He’s a British political cartoonist. Everyone looks grumpy in his world! Don’t believe me? Check out the monthly galleries of his work on the paper’s website. :smile: