Tsai Ing-wen's PhD thesis

I’ve read several chapters from her dissertation. They’re good.

If I ever meet her again, I’d talk about international trade with her.

She is in my view absolutely the smartest and most disciplined president we’ve had since Lee Teng-hui.

It’s the next guys I worry more about!


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She seems pretty patriotic for a so-called PhD holder.

You actually read it and think it’s good?

Perhaps you could fill in the missing pages from it and correct her spelling and grammatical mistakes in it.

Can you help her write a conclusion that’s been missing since 1983?

I doubt she will want to discuss such a poorly written document that never went through a viva examination.

Well, perhaps in her dreams.

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Yes, Tsai has committed every single form of illegal behavior since she was in her late twenties.

Very disciplined indeed. A disciplined fraud.

Chen is actually jealous of her because her illegal activity far exceeds his own and she didn’t get indicted for any of it while she was in office because she has near total control over the government unlike Chen who was unable to rig the legislative elections also unlike Tsai who took everything with her.

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I’d be honored to write the conclusion for her.

I’ll just run it through ChatBot gpt.

I was wondering how long it would take the “resurrectionists” to dig this one up again. Must be an early start of the election season again.
Cognitive dissonance comes to mind.


Given how type writers and how copies were made back then, it’s not surprising a PhD thesis will have formatting errors, or a copy of it sent to the library might have missing pages.

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First question I would ask Tsai is whether the law program at LSE is economics-heavy, like Chicago law is.

By the way, whether the thesis is physically in the library right now is irrelevant to whether or not Tsai finished her thesis. Her thesis was catalogued in Legal Research in the United Kingdom, 1905-1984 and the 1986 version of the Index to Theses with Abstracts Accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland and the Council for National Academic Awards. These catalogues can be found in over 90 libraries world wide, and it’s proof that at the time of their compilation, Tsai’s thesis was at the Senate library.

Former KMT Taichung mayor Hu Zhiqiang’s 1984 thesis at Oxford is formatted much like Tsai’s thesis, including not including the signatures for the approval for oral defense by chair and members. It was just the standard for UK universities at the time.


Doesn’t include the chops of at least 15 different people that she personally had to run around campus and the city to and get, ala Taiwanese bureaucracy, therefore it’s invalid!! Seriously, I had a Taiwanese teacher friend (who’s already been teaching for a decade) who needed a copy of her undergrad transcripts and it was an all day event for her. I was shocked. In the US, schools will charge you a bazillion dollars for your transcripts, but they’ll email it straight to whoever you need it emailed to within an hour of you filling out the online form. In Taiwan, the university directly confirming that you went there isn’t enough — you must arrive in person and get a bunch of stamps on the much easier to forge physical piece of paper to prove you went there!


Dennis Peng can’t stop losing lawsuits. :wall:


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