Tsai's Biggest Accomplishments Thus Far

Folks in Germany have noticed:


Great! I don’t know why transitional justice requires international assistance, but it’s nice to see Germany and Taiwan working together.

It’s an international movement, based on how other transitional societies—starting in Latin America, extending to Eastern Europe, South Africa, and elsewhere around the world—have tried to make the transition work.

It occurred to me that now’s a great time to also get an agreement in place with Canada too.


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Now you’re really having a laugh Guy

To wit: Ry Moran, the Director of Canada’s National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, was here in Taiwan in March 2019: http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aipl/201904050006.aspx

Here’s a nice detailed write-up of his visit to National Dong-Hwa University in Hualien:


This exchange eventually could/should be formalized in some sort of agreement or MOU.


And now we’ll be paying the price for the next 1,000 years while indigenous people shout down town halls and we’re all forced to first recognize the ancient land of Kavalan’s Drinks by the Moonlight ancestor before offering chips and soda to the gods.

Canada truth and reconciliation is a farce a complete BS money grab and worthless meaningless exercise.

Taiwan could follow South Africa and immediately hand the government over to the Kavalan tribe and rename 民生東路 to Gvlogjkat’en Xxzivalok.


It’s interesting. Your use of an Indigenous people’s name as a forumosa monicker paired (currently) with a profile image of a sino-chauvinist and highly problematic former lawmaker always appeared odd to me. I’m only starting to see that it’s really the namesake booze that’s at the heart of it all.


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Gotta keep my fans guessing

It was mandated by the courts. The Canadian federal government got sued and lost, and the TRC was a result of this outcome.

The namesake booze and your apparent love of that problematic former lawmaker probably also explains why “courts” and “law” mean little to you.


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Better get your “we recognize this land bla bla” speeches ready. Lots of different tribes and clans to remember.

There’s so much we’ve already disremembered.

If you’re unable to see this fact, good day to you sir.


You seem upset? Big fan of TRC?

Come on @afterspivak I’m only messing with ya.

Let’s have a debate on this shall we?

To debate: Canada’s TRC is a positive thing for Taiwan

That’s different than white terror though.
Look KMT’s play is to wait until everybody is dead , burn all the records, sell all the assets and move them offshore. Then we’ll have a ‘reconciliation’.

Personally I’m more interested in hearing about the accomplishments?

Stock market being at a record high is it connected to the current government ?
No not really but I guess they can stay they were in charge and helped to make it happen. Approving the TSMC investments, keeping most of it in Taiwan turned out to be a great thing (except for the environment ).

More interested in micro benefits (e.g quality of life) at this point than whether we’re getting a better chip yield.

Has Tsai improved road conditions, living standards, environment etc these are the questions

Slow going as per usual . Except…She (they) approved the massive investment in the wind farms in the straits and also feed in tariffs for solar. Finally !! Took almost twenty years.

Disappointment is slow vehicle electrification and turning off nuclear too early before cleaner power is onstream .

I think the rivers and coast are still in a very bad state in many parts.

Westerners. I know the guy who made it happen. Him and other westerners. As it goes

For car, not good
For scooter, best in the world (not counting those pipsqueak eclectic pedal bikes in China)

Those electric scooters (the shared ones ) are very popular in lots of places. Anyway yeah electrification of scooters has been pretty good over the last three years. Buses will all be done by 2030 which I think is a lame assed target given they will probably be the cheapest option anyway by then.