Tsao Chin-hui in Dodgers' minor-league spring training

I wonder how people Tsao returning to American professional baseball. Tsao Chin-hui who was signed by the Rockies with 2.2 million back in 1999 used to command a high 90s fastball, and a decent slider. After receiving a Tommy John surgery in 2001, Tsao made the majors in 2003. Arm and shoulder injuries plagued his career. In 2005 he suffered a torn labrum and was out of the season. After a non-tender from the Rockies, Tsao signed with the Dodgers, and had several brief appearances in the majors. In 2007 Tsao signed with the Royals and didn’t make the majors that entire year.

Tsao pitching for the Dodgers in 2007

Tsao returned to Taiwan late 2008 and became the first round pick of the then Brother Elephants in the CPBL. Tsao was disappointed by his salary and the signing bonus, but he agreed to play anyway. Tsao’s mid 90s fastball and colorful character brought an upsurge of Taiwanese baseball fans back into the stadium. The Brother Elephants made it into the Taiwan Series and lost in the 7th game to the Lions 5 to 2. Tsao pitched that 7th game and went 6 innings, gave up 5 hits and 3 runs.

Right after the 2009 Taiwan series ended, the scandal, now nicked named “the Black Elephants,” broke out. Several players were interrogated by the investigators. Some, including the Elephant’s manager Nakagomi Shin, were found guilty. The DA didn’t press charges against Tsao because although he promised to game fixing, the games were either rained out or he found some excuse not to play that day. However, Tsao did promise to fix games and accepted sexual favors paid for by the gang. Side note, the gang was led by the speaker of then Tainan County Council, KMT councillor Wu Jian-bao, who technically controlled the Tainan county police budget.

CPBL suspended Tsao for the fact that he did promise to fix games, despite the fact that the DA didn’t press charges and Tsao was in fact not guilty in a legal sense. It’s now 5 years later and Tsao attempted to reboot his baseball career by playing for the Australian league. That was aborted after CPBL lodged a formal protest to the Australian league.

Tsao then went directly to the source and rejoined the Dodgers’ 3A team. The Dodgers and MLB ignored CPBL’s protest and said they are on top on the situation and didn’t find any violations made by Tsao. Tsao participated in a spring training game a few days ago, went for 2.2 innings and fanned 3.

I’m wondering how people feel about his return. If we are using blacksox standards, would judge/commissioner Landis have suspended Tsao permanently? What about Pete Rose standards?

After Tsao’s second outing, the possibility of Tsao’s actually getting back into the big leagues seems high.

m.dodgers.mlb.com/news/article/1 … n-hui-tsao

The Dodgers official article on Tsao included a video of Tsao striking out Robinson Cano with 3 pitches.

His fastball was hitting 96 mph with great movement, and that’s from a guy who had been cooking beef noodle soup for the past 5 years.

Rumour has it Tsao will be reporting to Dodger Stadium tomorrow against the Phillies. He actually pulled it off.

it’s now official

after 5 years of selling noodles and BBQ, Tsao is back in the majors… :notworthy:

Tsao had two outings so far. In 3 innings, he gave up 4 hits, 0 runs, and dished out 3 strikeouts. He commands a 95 mph fastball and 80% of his pitches were strikes. His first outing against the Brewers even got him a win. Interestingly, Tsao’s MLB debut back in July of 2003 with the Rockies was also against the Brewers. Hard to imagine prior to this he had not participated in baseball for 5 years.

Video of Tsao striking out Jimmy Nelson.

Still, the controversy goes on, at least in Taiwan. According to rule 21 of the major league rules (MLR), the same rule that permanently banned Pete Rose:

MLR 21(a) to 21©

Rule 21

Any player or person connected with a Club who shall promise or agree to lose, or to attempt to lose, or to fail to give his best efforts towards the winning of any baseball game with which he is or may be in any way concerned, or who shall intentionally lose or attempt to lose, or intentionally fail to give his best efforts towards the winning of any such baseball game, or who shall solicit or attempt to induce any player or person connected with a Club to lose or attempt to lose, or to fail to give his best efforts towards the winning of any baseball game with which such other player or person is or may be in any way concerned, or who, being solicited by any person, shall fail to inform the Commissioner (in the case of a player or person associated with a Major League Club) or the President of the Minor League Association (in the case of a player or person associated with an independent Minor League Club) immediately of such solicitation, and of all facts and circumstances connected therewith, shall be declared permanently ineligible.[/quote]

The rules are specific to MLB and MiLB, but it seems like such high standards should be applied to all players.

From this news article at least it seems like MLB takes alleged game fixing very seriously:
revealnews.org/article/mlb- … -feelings/

Some handicapper angry at his childhood teammate not replying his facebook messages decided to accuse Jeff Locke of fixing games with him. Combined that with actually decent handicapper skills, a series of 5 games were correctly called. The police and MLB DOI agents descended on the due’s family like a freaking movie.

Wonder how MLB DOI’s skills translates over to oversea cases.

Rumour has it Tsao will be reporting to Dodger Stadium tomorrow against the Phillies. He actually pulled it off.

Tsao went to work again against the Braves. Dodger’s starting pitcher Brett Anderson exited the game after 2 outs in the 3rd inning due to ankle issues after fielding a ground ball. So Tsao came up and pitched 1.1 innings. Tsao left the Braves stranded on 1st and 2nd in the 3rd. Then struck out two in the 4th. Tsao then hit a long ball that became a ground ruled double on the top of the 5th, and scored Dodger’s tying run. Tsao ended the day after 2 hits and an outfielder error on the bottom of the 5th, the Dodgers subsequently gave up a run.

There’s no MLB video of Tsao’s double, but there is a video of Kendrick’s single that allowed Tsao to score the tying run.

m.mlb.com/video/v278136383/ladat … query=tsao

video of Tsao’s standing double
facebook.com/Dodgers.Taiwan … 884960230/
m.mlb.com/video/topic/6479266/v2 … ule-double