TSMC Grades and Compensation Structure

I am expecting an offer from TSMC (IT), and have some questions about the different levels and salary grades. How big are the differences between principal engineer, section manager, and technical manager? I was able to find out that a principal engineer is grade 33, but couldn’t find anything about the other two.

How different are the job responsibilities for “engineer” and “manager”? Are they just names, or is the “manager” actually mostly about managing and not considered an individual contributor?

Is there somewhere I can get more clarity into the compensation? The only number I could find was 2M NTD for a new master’s graduate, but couldn’t figure out how much of that is guaranteed and how much is the bonus. I read that stock grants are taxed less, but is it risky to have a huge chunk of your pay in stock? Are the stock grants guaranteed or considered bonus? Is there a vesting schedule? Finally, where can I find the salary numbers for the different grades?

A lot of questions, but thanks in advance for any help. It’s hard to figure out these things with how poorly I read Chinese.

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try levels and ask on the company specific chat? 2M is right at the base suggested here for level 33.

If you can search in Chinese, try ptt.cc. it is discussed there as well as at some Chinese language Facebook groups.

Section manager is typically a team leader that is mostly and engineer you may have 1 or two people at you need to coordinate with. Technical manager can be less defined ime but is usually an actual manager.

Yes it’s obviously a little risky but it’s TSMC I would think the risks are non existent for the foreseeable future. Of course there’s a vesting schedule but that would be different based on how it was offered to you.

There are multiple bonuses. Some are basically guaranteed (as you will get them long as the company is profitable) some are not. For example there are year end or sports day bonuses that are the same for everyone. Profit sharing schemes are decided company wide. Performance bonuses are usually 4 months IIRC and this is the least reliable one.

Yeah, I’ve looked at levels.fyi but their information stops at Level 33.

I can read Chinese (with some difficulty), but don’t know what terms to search for… And most of the information I found there are limited to Levels 31 and 32.

Are section manager and technical manager both still Level 33? Or are they higher?

Could be higher or lower.