TSMC’s U.S. Engineers Are “Babies” Say Taiwanese

While top US schools are willing and able to pay for top tier professors, on a whole, and relative to the past, I don’t think the US is producing the same amount of top tier domestic scientists like it did from the 60s to the early 2000s. The US academic system seems to rely on imports again like it did back in the 40s and 50s. It isn’t a bad thing if most of the grad students are domestic, but from the names listed on most published papers, I think even the grad students are mostly imports.

Ok maybe I am coming off as anti Europe. I love Europe, it’s still the best place to live for the average person but my point is they achieved that by sacrificing growth, while the rest of the world was growing. Now the gap between Europe and the rest or the world is the smallest it has ever been and they are nearing the point of no return. The point where immigrants don’t see Europe as attractive enough anymore. I would give them 20 years or so before it’s too late to turn the ship.

That ‘economic growth’ came with a lot of pollution, human displacement and labour conflict, which were all shipped to Asia.

Where and how do these feature on your scorecard?

one was being serious, one was parroting back the ridiculousness from the other side to make a point.


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