Tuan Tuan panda at Taipei Zoo sick

Sad that he is sick but he has two children. Taiwan panda Tuan Tuan may have fatal brain lesions | Taiwan News | 2022-09-23 15:54:00

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An 18-year-old male panda at Taipei Zoo named Tuan Tuan (團團) suffered a serious seizure last month and a scan has revealed lesions in both hemispheres of the brain, raising concerns among veterinarians the condition could become fatal.

According to Taipei Zoo, Tuan Tuan, who had been sent to the zoo from China in 2008, suffered a seizure that lasted three minutes on Aug. 23 and subsequently lost his appetite. After a preliminary examination by veterinarians, Tuan Tuan was sent to the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital on Sept. 18 to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Panda diplomacy, RIP. :neutral_face:

Is it too late to return Tuan Tuan to China, where he belongs?



Nahh. Ship the pandas off somewhere else beyond Chinese jurisdiction to stick it to the CCP.


Aren’t they here on loan?

I thought that’s how the PRC does things with these trafficked zoo racoons.



And with the male gone, so will end the panda family here.

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OK, I’ve seen more details. I take back the snark. This looks pretty grim:

Source: Taiwan panda Tuan Tuan may have fatal brain lesions | Taiwan News | 2022-09-23 15:54:00



The question is: has this happened before? Is it genetic, environmental, accidental?

How will the “reunification” panda death affect relations across the Strait?

As Freud would say, sometime a panda is just a panda. :neutral_face:


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It’s all in the name…

Death of Ma Ying-jeou’s dream of unification?

That ship sailed long ago, methinks, with or without this “reunification” panda becoming terminally ill.


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I am making a play on the name:

“The two names were selected by a vote in the PRC and their combination, Tuan Yuan, means “reunion” in Chinese. The pandas are housed at Taipei Zoo and have been exhibited to the public since the 2009 Chinese New Year”.

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I say shame on Ma for taking them. Not having pandas is clearly the best way to show the world we arent a province of the CCP!

100% agree.

Their iron fist on Panda gene’s is as oppressive as Australia.

Question is, ship to where? Lanyu is politically safer and the where the uprising should logically start :upside_down_face:

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Lithuania needs one.

“Republic of China” giant panda.

eats shoots and leaves.


Yes yes. We honour all agreements with the CCP while they drag their obligations through the mud.

We owe them SQUAT.

They will still play the victim card and holler because we “let” one of their precious country 's treasures die.

Probably even demand to get the others back, especially the ones born in Taiwan.

Which, anyways, was going to happen unless they loaned other two male pandas to get a conservation project going. Otherwise, a single family is just for show.

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Yea at this point. So what? We can’t win with them.


The tell all is that would depend if Taiwan has a CKMT or DPP government. So far the zoo animal that is leading the CCP hasnt yet gotten that petty. Yet.

If strategic ambiguity is to be a thing, keep the pandas, breed them then loan out to places like lithuania with chinese type terms. No softer way to declare independence lol :joy:

Problem is where are we going to get a male? Unrelated male, genetically ok male, healthy male…that actually wants to reproduce. That last item is why these animals were endangered.

Who needs a male? its 2022.