Tubeless tires and wheels

i have giant tubeless system, now switched to tubes for touring.

  1. putting new long distance outer tires on the tubeless wheels, really hard work, are the wheels different specs from standard tubed wheels, bigger walls?
  2. also … can i use tubeless outer tires , with tubes, on a standard wheel?
  1. The inner surface of a tubeless rim is sized and profiled to enable a tubeless tire to securely enter and lock into the bead seat.
    Always begin installing the tire opposite the valve, and finish at the valve. This allows the tire to use the full depth of the rim trough.
    Similarly, always begin removing the tire at the valve after dislodging the tire from the bead seat and pushing it into the rim trough.

  2. It is possible to use tubeless tires with tubes on either tubeless or standard rims but the ride may feel a little harsh or “dead”, as a tubeless tire usually has a stiffer casing than tube type tire, but not a big deal.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you can change a tube with whatever pump and tools you normally bring on the road BEFORE you head out. It sucks being stranded, in the rain, on the side of a busy highway with a pump that won’t seat the tire bead on tubeless rims. Reynolds wheels, anyone?

Good luck!

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I haven’t had the chance to play around with tubeless ready wheels, so I won’t comment on that. What I will say is, to not be stranded like @Dasarbule says, def make sure you ride a bit with the new set up before heading out on your trip to make sure you won’t have too many issues on your trip.

Good luck and stay safe out there!

Well, car tires don’t have tubes, and have you seen anyone try to get them on a wheel using a tire leaver? They have a large press to install or remove tires because it’s a very tight fit so it takes a lot of force to install it.

So it means you most likely aren’t going to be putting tubeless tires on a rim without special tools… and it won’t be “side of the road repair” friendly.

can be done, but can leave me in tears

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