Tuesday cleansing lunch and talk

Join us every Tuesday for a wonderful sharing of how Taiwanese author Salina Hong shed 20kg without going under the knife! During the talk, enjoy a glass of the Isagenix cleanse drink and a cup of the shake. This is a safe place to ask questions and share your difficulties in not only weight but also fat loss - which is actually far harder to be rid of! You may ask, “I’m not overweight. Am I still welcome?” Definitely! It’s not just about the kilos. It’s about the way we all choose our food and how we eat our food. Register - rejuvenate@luxenosa.com.tw

每個星期二請與我們一同加入健康的行列!由台灣知名作家洪繡巒老師,分享其輕鬆瘦身20公斤的經驗。此外,我們還精心準備了Isagenix的淨化飲料及香濃的蛋白混合飲品。在這兒,你可以盡情的提問,並抒發您減重,及難以擺脫的高體肪困擾。這場演講不只是關於體重,還包括了如何選擇食物與如何吃,即使沒有體重過重問題的人也非常值得前來聆聽。報名請電郵: rejuvenate@luxenosa.com.tw