Tuff (tough) question

Let’s say your in business, and you do or going to do business with a person that you find out by accident is (a) racist … would you continue doing business with that person?

One of the characteristics of a “racist” is to place blame or responsibility in/on the wrong thing or person. This can cause problems in areas unrelated to their perceived “racism.”

What does this person bring to the table for you?
Can you learn what they have and exist and profit without them?
How dependent is your business future going to be on their involvement?

Tuff questions. But the answers might help you with your decision.

Well, I think that the level of ‘doing business with’ comes into play in that question.
Client, keep him.
Partner, No.

The fact that you’re even asking the question, I’d say is good.

Do you feel any desire/ responsibility to attempt to correct said person’s ignorance?
If so, what’s the best way to go about it?
If that’s not possible, what’s the best that you can do?

I’ve only run into a major problem with racism here once, when I learned that I was being interveiwed for a position that had become vacant because the black teacher who had held it was canned for being black. I accepted the position on the condition that I’d be working with that guy. I didn’t get the job, didn’t change anybody’s mind, but I think I made the point. And I didn’t have any trouble sleeping at night.

Any way to do business with the racist and compell him/her to deal with a person s/he’d rather not? It’s easiest to be a racist when completely ignorant of those you’re maligning.

you cant ‘change’ a racist. ditch him/her.

Money knows no boundaries. Business is business.

It’s a matter of what’s important to you. Money? Or your own values? Also, the said person’s distorted values may not have any impact on you. Comes down to what SAF wrote. If it’s a partner, his/her beliefs could come back and bite you in the ass. So I suppose it depends on many things.

In the end, if this business relationship can potentially be a risk for your assets, then I’d say stay away from it as far as possible. Otherwise, why not? Not like you’ll convert racists through boycot anyways. :wink:


If he is racist towards your race you have a bigger problem than if he is racist towards another race I suspect.

[quote=“bob”]If he is racist towards your race you have a bigger problem than if he is racist towards another race I suspect.[/quote]I didn’t think of it that way.

Very true. I hired so many Quebecer haters in the past and all they kept doing is correcting my bad English. They hated me. :wink: