Tulsi Gabbard Makes the View Look Ridiculous


More evidence of her being a Russian spy.


Trump/Gabbard 2020, I think is happppennnning, fellow Trumpkin peeps!


What’s their problem with her?

She is against foreign wars and the Clintons, primarily.


Steven Colbert tried the same thing to Tulsi to a lesser extent than the View. Colbert lost many fans that day. 99% of the comments overwhelmingly support Tulsi on his show vs Colbert

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She’s basically a closet Republican, and therefore Russian asset if she runs 3rd party to try and siphon votes from democrats. Which is why many from the right on this forum love her so much, I assume.

Her problem is Hillary already called her moves and she lost her marbles on twitter, basically reinforcing what Hillary alluded to.

I’d read some interesting stuff about her past and upbringing as well. And that she seems to avoid talking about younger days. But you can google that for yourself and decide.

Russia Russia Russia. Nevermind she served in the US Military as a COMBAT MEDIC in Iraq many years risking her LIFE while her critics did squat but chant Russia…Very few Liberals pick Hillary over Tulsi once they hear her speak but you sure are a Hillary fan to the bitter end. Its very rare to find these days. Way to diss a Veteran of Iraq who saved many US Lives and a colored Strong Intelligent woman


Not sure you understand what asset means. Not the same as spy. There’s your starting point. Have fun!

Not sure you really have any respect for Military Veterans who saved lives but yea go back to the Russia Tin Foil gang which is losing credibility and followers each day. Just read how many people in the comment sections of both The View and Colbert show and you realize 99% of people disagree with your dwindling POV… literally thousands of comments. Go Hillary and Biden Lol…cough

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Sure I do. Which has zero to do with her being a Russian asset. Like I said, first find the definition, then reply. :sunglasses:

You might want to take off the tin foil hat and let the air breath. Yea No one believes Tulsi is a Russian asset except you, Hillary Joe Biden, and Jo Behar, not even the other 3 women on the view bought that BS. Anyways good luck with that, I bet you believed in Russian Collusion too all 3 or 4 of you in the US… which should go a long way about how much weight your Russia perspective holds

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Seriously Hillary Clinton??? WTF…cmon
The vast majority of Democrats don’t even think she’s legit. wtf. Im not having this Russia collusion part 2 BS cause Hillary Tweeted something

Well this is quite boring.

If she helps Russia’s interests, she’s a Russian asset. It doesn’t mean she’s working with Russia. But it can mean Russia can and will support her if she’s a closet Republican.

Which she definitely is, imo. It may backfire though, Clinton getting to her first. She could actually drag votes from Trump if people are clued in. I mean like I said, lots of righties here support her. Says it all I think. G’night!

Well Obama must be a Russian asset too then and GW Bush by your incredibly loose definition which you borrowed from HILLARY CLINTON LOL

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Center left is dying a death.

I wonder which extreme is going to win without a middle ground?


Aren’t we already at that point?

Almost. Tom Watson, who I don’t particularly rate, just gave up the ghost. It’s difficult to see how anyone reasonable has a chance now.

Hillary didn’t say the Russians were backing Tulsi Gabbard; she said Republicans were. She said the Russians have the means to back her and will undoubtedly will if she runs a third-party campaign.