Tulsi Gabbard Makes the View Look Ridiculous

If anyone tries to tell you she is conservative in any way, you know they are ignorant liars that should just be put on ignore.

She is extremely progressive. Some on the right “like” her like they like a kick in the balls more than getting castrated. She is less crazy on immigration than most Dem candidates (making her in line with general democrat voters), she is slightly less crazy on abortion (she has a 100% voting record for Planned Parenthood and NARAL, but because she doesn’t support killing a baby as it is being delivered, she is out of line with current Dem candidates and in line with democrat voters). And the big thing now seems to be that she hates foreign wars so much that she didn’t burn an effigy of Trump and drink the blood of a goat wishing for his death when Trump reassigned 50 US troops from one place in Syria to another.


Yes everyone gets it now, everyone Hillary doesnt like is a Russian asset Only Establishment Candidates Hillary or Uncle Joe can save us from Russia. World Policing and 20 year wars keep Russia from taking over the world


Thanks for breaking down the left-logic for us. Sometimes it gets a little convoluted.

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Uncle Joe is a good man he uses his senatorial and vice presidential position to get his son 80k a month in Ukraine oil jobs for doing nothing… but somehow Tulsi is worse.
Uncle Joe will stand up to Mother Russia for us, especially if his son keeps wants to continue raking 1million a year in shady Ukraine oil deal using Daddy Joe’s political position


-ladies and gentlemen, this whole mess in a nutshell

There they go again, thinking true things

They? :wink:

The backlash to MAGA is going to be fun to watch.

As is the backlash to the backlash. :grin:

Trump plagiarized Clinton with MAGA.

Sounds as if some people are enjoying the idea of the American state failing, or enjoy the conservative media fueled myth the center left is dying in tbe US.

Dont tell them that the losing center left candidate in 2016 had the 3rd higest popular vote total in us history (behind the centrist obama 1/2), and that was a horrible candidate.

The center left in the US is alive and well, and the entire spectrum outside dug in, caustic rush limbaugh era holdovers with fossilized attitudes sees thru the bogus Clinton bashing.

Anyone still harping on the Clintons or making absurd comps to the current debacle is displaying borderline pathological behavior at this point. Its certainly something the progressive left should move on from.

Center right and center left are the vast majority of America (and majority there is center-left if we’re defining them by the actual policies they support).

What’s not the majority is the far right whining about which pants have zippers on them, or whatever it is they like to babble on about endlessly with the weiners and vajayjays. :eggplant:

The irony lost on the far right is they present themselves in much more dire need of safe spaces, for example, than the far left equivalents they complain about. Which is how the political spectrum works, you go too far right, you’re basically far left in all but name.

Congrats to those lucky winners. Say hello to your new friends! :wink:

Back to Gabbard for a sec, the fact a private citizen made her lose her marbles on twitter is what gave away the plot for her. Like the violent kind of reaction we all know comes from someone getting too close to the truth. The fact it was Hillary just makes it funnier.

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Horrible logic. Basically anyone you don’t like can be a Russian asset. Bernie is one because he hurt Hilary’s image. Obama is a Russian asset because he didn’t investigate Trump harder. McCain was an asset because he didn’t fight Trump hard enough. See where I’m going with this?
One can even argue Hilary herself was the main reason for Trump winning in 2016, so she is also an asset.


You almost got it. But remove the ‘you don’t like’. Anyone can be a Russian asset, if they help Russia’s interests.

Seems a lot of people get huffy because they’re simply uneducated to the meaning of the word. If you don’t like definition of ‘asset’, maybe go call a dictionary maker? You can tell them how their definition is fake news, or something. :sunglasses:

Of course, Trump has been much harder on Russia than Obama, so Obama and Hillary are obviously Russian assets according to certain asshats’ logic.



Anyone can be anyones asset, but since Hillary said it you’ve jumped on her Crazy Train. Can I get one of those Hillary 2020 Tin Foil Hats?

Btw for those who keep defending the MSM. TULSI knows they are fake too, which is probably why a few Establishment minions feel triggered by her

Your friends need to buy you a new dictionary for your birthday.

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For anyone claiming:“Hillary was talking about Republicans, not Russians, grooming Tulsi!”

That was a ninja edit by WaPo, they changed Russians to Republicans/Conservatives, even though in her live interview Hillary was clearly talking about Tulsi and Jill Stein being Russian assets.

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