Tunisie/ Marrocco?


Well, I guess I’m starting to be one of those you can find at Roxy 99 every Saturday, and since I’ve been there, I’ve met some peopel from Tunisie and Marocco and I was wondering if there were any other people from this place on this forum because it was nice to go clubbing and be able to speak your own language… So I was only looking forward to meet other Frenhc-Speaking people who go clubbing at Roxy 99- Roxy Vibe or B1… I know that most of the people out there are Canadians… well… I’m one too, but anyway… I’m looking for French speaking people so I could feel a bit more home…
okay i look still a bit hammered from last night… so many this message makes hardly sense, but if you’re French speaking and sometimes go to those club, well let me know, it would be nice to meet new people!