Turbo BMW bike kits (was: "This one's for you, Plasmatron")

Seen this before?



:sunglasses: very interesting, thanks…

they seem to specialize in K series BMW engines which are flat inline 6 and 8 cyclinder engines that BMW use on their touring bikes… they do I notice have a R series kit for the classic BMW flat twin boxer engine, like the one in my bike, although they only have the kit for the old 1150 series boxers not the new hex head 1200 series…

200bhp from a boxer engine sounds fantastic, but to quote bladerunner “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” and 200bhp is pretty damn bright…

@ plasmatron

Forget it - tire ‘consumption’ would be way too high.

If you want more power for the BMW boxer you have to get wider intakes, other cams and pistons plus a chip. Your exhaust should be fine but replace the catalytic converter with a Y-pipe. Should push your ‘baby’ up to 120hp. If you need contacts, well, you know where to find me and how to contact me. :wink:

:laughing: Hey, we are talking about motorcycles, not BMW cars. All K-series bikes are inline 4!

ooops… got car engines on the brain ever since I saw this… it’s the engine from the 2005 BMW m5… gorgeous isn’t it…

@ plasmatron

Sorry for having to correct you once more. :astonished: The M5 is powered by a V10! :sunglasses:

:eh: ummmm… yep, that’s what I was talking about… the pic above is the '05 spec V10 from the M5…

better pic here:

if you don’t believe me you can count the cyclinders :sunglasses:

I know that. I just mentioned it because you were talking about 6 and 8 cylinders, not 10! :angel:

If you want to tune you bike you may contact Kurt Roessner. Not sure if he already has kits for the 12GS but for the 1150GS kits are available up to 105hp and 107Nm. :sunglasses:

They also do HD turbos, superchargers; in short, a crap-ton of really cool stuff. Check out the video of the Atom-like “Grinall”. It’s a really interesting site put together with a good sense of humour.


PS Would you really think about turboing your bike? I suggested it as a joke…