Turkey - a safe place for a vacation?

I’m thinking about heading over to Turkey for vacation. Will probably go to Istanbul unless anyone wants to suggest a better alternative in Turkey. Has anyone been over recently? I heard it’s relatively safe these days but I have my doubts.

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I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey too but I haven’t gotten around to actually purchasing a flight.

Istanbul should be fine.

Just read the German travel warning site for Turkey:

You are fine as long you are not criticizing the government over social media and are not part of political opposition. That can get you random imprisonment.
Don’t be a journalist either.
Stay away from military sites.

Tourists might be targeted by scammers.

Do touristy things in tourist places and you will be fine.

I almost transited through the airport a couple of years back with family. That week terrorists shot the airport up.
Fortunately we decided to fly through Qatar instead.
Just FYI :).

I would Like to visit though.

I would stay away from the Middle East entirely. It sucks because they do have some sights but it seems every other day something big happens there.

I suppose it depends on what you are looking for in a holiday. I would choose to explore Italy :grinning:

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Interestingly, it seems in Europe it can be cheaper to fly to a nearby country than to a nearby city. Gas is also ridiculously expensive if I want to drive which is made worse as I drive a big Volvo 90xc suv that just guzzles gas.

Wow, glad you just missed that.

Hmm…I guess I should make sure I know where the embassy is and the emergency number.

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Istanbul is in Europe. At least the majority of it is.

I would pick Greece.

The Middle East includes Turkey and Egypt, it spans 3 continents…

The problem is those places are very religious and seems to have ongoing problems with religious fundamentalists who would love to kidnap American tourists.

If you fly in on a US passport, then please take a minute and read what the State dept. says first.

Reconsider travel to Turkey due to terrorism and arbitrary detentions . Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.

If you decide to travel to Turkey:

  • Stay alert in locations frequented by Westerners.
  • Avoid demonstrations and crowds.
  • Stay at hotels with identifiable security measures.
  • Monitor local media and adjust your plans based on new information.
  • Visit our website for Travel to High-Risk Areas.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Review the Crime and Safety Report for Turkey.
  • U.S. citizens who travel abroad should always have a contingency plan for emergency situations. Review the Traveler’s Checklist.

There is no such city as Istanbul. When you have a heart, you will love it.

I fly to Istanbul as much as I can, together with a son. Have many friends there, their doors and heart are always open. Is not only cause i can speak turkish… Am totally crazy about balkan meat culture. Great food available for 2 dollars. Everywhere. Kebabs, which germans can only dream of.

They will not like you being a Chinese, and they will tell you to your face straight. Strong. But turks are not dogs. Just tell em you are not from China. Cause you have white girl next to you, everyone will raise up price, thinking you must be millionaire. Negotiate it down.

Is safe. I walk at night all around.

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Hmm. Sounds like we have a lot in common.

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Greece is another option. But I don’t particularly like Greek food. Not a fan of cucumbers and it’s on everything. Don’t really like the yogurt sauce on everything either.

Athens are dangerous. A lot has changed to worse in last 10 years. Just go to islands.

Istanbul’s a great city. If you’ve never been then you may be happy in a flock of tourists.

The problem with visiting now is that your safety isn’t guaranteed if you leave the flock behind and go do your own thing. For me that’s a deal breaker … but Istanbul is filled to the brim with history. Great city.

Have you considered Croatia? Beautiful coastline on the Adriatic.


I love doing that.