Turned in a purse to MRT lost-and-found, will they call owner?

I found a bag containing some fruit and a woman’s purse on the MRT (someone left it on the train) this morning. I dropped it off at the glass booth by the entrance. Will they actually open it up to find out who lost it and call her, or is it just going to sit there? It’s of course unlikely she lost it at the same station to which I turned it in (just because of the number of stations).

I think so.

They did for my wife about a month ago. She showed her ID, signed a form, and off we went.

The other day I dropped my wallet and the cops called me. They tracked me by calling a store I have a “vip” card with, so my wife’s phone was in the store records.

Thanks, good to know. It looked like an old lady’s purse, so I hope she gets it back.