Turner Prize shortlist 2003

Well, the shortlist for the Turner Prize has been announced. I don’t know about you guys but I’m on pins and needles. :unamused:

From The Telegraph:

The four nominees, all British artists under 50, include a transvestite who depicts himself involved in sex acts on the surface of his pottery vases.

Grayson Perry, who has an alter ego called Claire, is noted for his ceramic vases which carry images dealing with subjects such as paedophilia, child abuse within the home, and September 11.
Gallaccio, 39, is known for her work with sculpture, many of which decay over time. These have included works made of flowers, fruit and grass and she famously created a 34-tonne ice cube with salt at its centre which slowly melted.

Last year, she chopped down seven ancient oak trees and displayed them in a gallery at Tate Britain.

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