Turning into an anti-social recluse

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed more and more people that are close to me becoming very discriminatory or generally bringing up divisive topics or things that they’ve read that provoke an offensive reaction, such to the point that I can’t be bothered with them anymore.

An example of such is a hypothetical situation where it’s dark and you’re walking along the street at night, a lone girl is walking towards you. Supposedly, as a man you are supposed to cross the road to make them feel comfortable, because they think you are an attacker.

As this came from a friend that I’ve known for 20+ years I was quite offended by that. I don’t think I should treat myself as if I’m a criminal and I’m quite disappointed about it.

Perhaps that’s now the modern thinking and I’m out of touch, but it seems pretty hopeless, or maybe I’m too sensitive and twats will be twats. Time for new friends then, I guess?


Statistically speaking, men are more likely to be attacked by strangers. I try to minimize risk by not dressing like I’m asking to be robbed, and avoiding dangerous areas. It would be nice if we lived on a perfect world but we don’t



Men tend to have fewer and fewer friends as they age. Probably because of the realization that we really do get to choose who we let into our lives.

Oddly enough this works both ways. Depending on where you visit. It’s worse for kids in high school (Western countries really) these days. Most of them would be walking around with about $2000-$3000 worth of school gear on them thereby making them targets for shitty people.

Easy solution is to teach your kids how to defend themselves in various kinds of situations and to understand that possessions are not worth their lives.




What? No.

Even more, I’ll escort her come so that she isn’t harassed by any bastard.

@volv1992 Are you speaking about the UK? Taiwan? Somewhere else?

Some context here would be helpful.



Or, any more? :smile:

Ironically i’ve been the victim of an attempted mugging, and they haven’t.

All i had was receipts in my wallet, which we (mugger and I) laughed about.

Did you end up in the pub with him?


It’s hypothetical, so anywhere. But more western. Institutionalised fear from the media (social or otherwise) doesn’t help, I reckon.

Now I am really confused. :joy:


We all have stupid opinions and behaviours. As we age, we might be less tolerant to others’ defects…?

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I’m a bit confused. How did this claim become divisive or offensive?

Personally I do occasionally cross the road if there’s a lone girl walking towards me in a poorly lit or insalubrious neighborhood and I’m dressed like a hobo (which occasionally is the case). Mostly I don’t - I’ll generally make sure I just give her plenty of elbow room - but women do worry about being attacked and I don’t see any harm in making life easy for them. It doesn’t mean you’ve labelled yourself as a potential criminal. It’s just looking at the scenario from the other person’s viewpoint.


He probably meant NT$.

Some of my kids wear 500$ Ye’s, yo.

Winter is coming, so Timberland parkas, too. Pricey pricey.

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OK that I could accept.

If that however is USD . . . :grimacing:


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He was a kid, 14 at the most, this was in North London, a group of guys came over and asked if I was ok. I spoke with him for a few minutes and he felt like he had no future.

I defused the situation and let him go (after asking him where the bus stop is). Hopefully things improved for him.


So . . . that means wearing four pairs at once? :thinking:

This thread is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, all apparently on top of extremely expensive running shoes.



Since wearing them, have their views on Judaism changed at all?

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wut? Are you still buying flip flops? Ye’s are pricey af.