Turning left on green, what gives?

Exactly my point! Thank you!
There are no signs saying you can’t turn on a solid green. They only indication is that there are 4 lights which are not lit up. So it is a guessing game! It is not illegal to turn left on a solid green.

This makes no sense either. The cars will pull forward to the 2nd wait line in the intersection and the cars behind will follow resulting in cars on the crosswalk.

Yep. If they want you to stop, it’s trivial to include a red turn signal, something that is done at many intersections.

Well, it seems clear that it should be permitted. Hmmmm.

And what should be more revealing in the Article, well, isn’t:

(一) 箭頭綠燈表示僅准許車輛依箭頭指示之方向行駛。
(二) 在未設行人專用號誌之處,直行箭頭綠燈准許行人直行穿越道路。

Edit: I can’t believe I’m actually reading Articles of local driving laws. I need to get a life. Thanks Tando.

I rest my case. Thank you Tando.
Left turn on a solid green is perfectly legal as long as there is no signage stating otherwise.
A 4 or 5 light stop light that contains a green arrow that is not lit is not signage.

If anyone is ticketed for turning left on a solid green, they should challenge the fine in court. It is an illegal citation.

I’ve challenged tickets here. Right or wrong however, you will never win any administrative appeal in Taiwan. You will get a form letter saying they are right and thats it. Purely a money generator

Just chiming in here because this curved box goes against what I was taught many years ago in Driver’s Ed. class (yes, I’m so old that we actually had Driver’s Ed. in high school).

What I mean is, we were taught, when waiting to turn left at a green light, never to angle the car nor even turn the wheels towards the left. The reason given was that if my car was accidently rear ended it would be pushed into oncoming traffic, and a head on collision is usually the worst kind.

Anyway, I’m guessing no one is taught that anymore, but I still follow it when I’m driving a car.