TutorABC and GJun Encounters

In the same week, TutorABC and GJun contacted me to interview with them. For those who don’t know, TutorABC and GJun are mega-chain online English teaching sites. I already have a job and enough side work to live and study, so I entertain new employers to learn what their offers are, considering moving if the offers are really better for me.

The TutorABC interview was overlong considering the work that they were offering. They wanted me to complete an online application, an in-office series of personality-type questions, a logic/IQ test, and an English language test. I don’t think that I got all of the IQ test questions correct, but I crushed their logical evaluation portion and English grammar/vocabulary sections. That took an hour in total, and then there was the interview.

At the interview, I learned that the company was looking for someone with a JFRV or an APRC to work at NT$350 per hour, in four-hour chunks, five to seven days per week. The job wasn’t for instruction, though, but for level testing. They were looking for someone who, as part of their sales team, would give prospective clients ten or twenty minutes to interact with them and bracket them into one of their twelve levels. That meant seeing a new face for just ten or fifteen minutes, taking a few minutes to decide how good his English is, and likely never seeing him again. The interviewer then said that their employment of foreigners for this job was white-collar work that required them to pay their foreign employees a minimum monthly salary of NT$48,000 and change. But how do you get that out of 350428? Is there an automatic bonus or a fixed salary? Then why would anyone work on Saturday and Sunday if they are optional? It didn’t pass a basic smell test, so I left, and I post here assuming that there’s no job offer in sight, seeing how high they saw me raise my eyebrows when they said that they would pay NT$350 per hour to engage in conversation and testing with three to four one-offs per hour.

There were some foreign workers there, so if they read this forum, they can shed some light on the nature of the positions there.

The GJun HR rep cold-called me at night asking if I wanted to work on some part-time classes. She explained that the classes were online and that I would have to work from their studio teaching classes of six people. They spent their time trying to spin the conversation as if I were the one looking for work from them, and that I should rearrange my schedule to work for them. Getting basic information about the company was like pulling teeth, especially about their pay scale.

Me: “How many students are in a class?”
Her: “We have six students in a class.”
Me: “And how much do you pay per hour to teach?”
Her: “Well, it depends.”
Me: “Then what is the lowest pay that you offer to your teachers?”
Her: “It depends on the teacher.”
Me: “How can that depend? There are numbers, and some numbers are lower than other numbers. What is the lowest number that you offer to your teachers?”
Her: “Oh, you mean the range.”
Me: “Yes.” (No, I meant the minimum value, not the range, but at least I can calculate the minimum value from the range if she gives absolute figures.)
Her: “We offer our workers between NT$550 and NT$650.”

I told them that I’d think about it and hung up. Then I cruised the Internet and this forum to see if anyone had reviewed their contracts. The contract, as suspected, was godawful, so I sent them an e-mail with this link and told them that I wasn’t interested.

Great info you posted. I can understand that some people may want to get out of teaching children and strictly teach adults, but unless you absolutely LOVE it it just doesn’t seem worth it, at least to me. At best you’d be working for the same kind of money but doing longer hours with much more “work”. However, I bet in all likelihood you would be working more hours for much less. Seems much better to focus on your privates with a side gig to get an ARC or just go back home if you want to sit in an office all day. I am a bit shocked at the kind of pay they offered you, but it does seem to be in line with Berlitz and GVO.

it seems that both places don’t sound too good. I was going to contact them to teach from home but the situation you describe, makes it sound terrible. Any one actually worked there at all? I live in country side so am looking for Skype teaching work.

Also if anybody knows of how to get Skype teaching, let me know thanks. Question being, how can you be sure you get paid, and the amount is correct.

Note that those who have been previously screwed by Cambridge, are now advertising themselves as ABC. Maybe the same - maybe not.

Just check out what others are doing: get a website and a paypal account. Be ready to give a lot of 20 minute free lessons for wankers who will never give you a cent. But some students are serious, and for them you need them to pay in advance. They can pay in advance for one lesson only if they want and then if they continue they can pay in advance for more. Give them a serious discount for larger prepays to offset the risk, which must be all theirs of course.

That would be my suggestion. You could also combine Skype with email writing classes.

IMO the pay and overall quality would suck compared with a real one-on-one, but it’s the wave of the future.

Digital teacher bot works for cheap! Beep! The Internet is convenient la!

Oh and it would work better if you were a cute 20 something blond chick.

TutorABC recruits people from the US to teach from home. The manager at the TutorABC claimed that their teachers make $14.00 hourly, but web whining shows that a hefty percentage of them only make $7.00 per hour.

I teach by Skype all the time. I do not find the experience in any way worse than a face-to-face. I use acuityscheduling.com for appointments and payment.

great, 1. I aint a cuty blonde, but a cuty balding white guy, who is an ok teacher. I would have to setup a new account for teaching, then advertise on Skype, I dread the many 20min free lessons, but imagine there are many freebies out there. Has anyone done Skype teaching from ‘zero’, how long did the rampup take?

I don’t offer free lessons, but instead offer the first two lessons at half price. To any interested client, it’s three bananas in the morning and four in the afternoon. But there are psychological reasons why clients should pay at every session (namely, that people who invest themselves financially in something are more likely to participate actively in that thing). If you offer free lessons, you’ll have to deal with the cruisers, the broke college students and riffraff who have no intention of ongoing study under anyone, but just want to waste your time and theirs.

Ironlady, did you setup a new SKYPE account to begin teaching English? How did you get students from there? Paypal account was the payment method correct?

I just have one Skype account, but I don’t use it much outside of classes. The payments are by Paypal or in NT by bank transfer (the student must scan and email the receipt). Scheduling is through acuity scheduling.com. I am teaching Mandarin, not English, but the setup is the same. Getting Acuity for scheduling is what made this setup finally work for me. It was too much trouble to schedule manually, especially considering the various time zones involved.

fine ironlady, how do i setup a skype account to teach? open up skype with photo and hourly rate? its a dumb question i know

Before this thread totally derails, it may interest you to know that TutorABC is still looking for someone.

WELL thanks for that, but tutor abc and gajun dont have such a good rep so i am not in a hurry. :laughing:

Skype is just the way you meet with students. You need to advertise separately. Though it probably wouldn’t hurt to set up your Skype name as something that sounded language-y and professional.

How much does PayPal charge for each transaction?

LMGTFY (let me google that for you)


And TutorABC is still trying to fill that position.

Who could say, “No!” to a sales droning job at a pittance of regular instructor hours? Has anyone ever accepted this position?

I have worked for tutorabc since 2010. besides the low pay the company has been great to work for. the schedulers and IT are always available and willing to help. they are very flexible with the schedule. i live in the us and they pay me $8.50 per class plus a bonus up to $1 per student depending on the average rating the students give. i don’t remind the students to rate me so i average about $10 per hour. it’s been perfect for me being a single mom i could work as much or as little as i want. the problem recently is i haven’t been getting many lessons. i’m not sure if i’ve done something to upset them possibly because of my inconstancy of being available or if they have too many consultants or too few students. anyway i wouldn’t say this job is for everybody but it’s easy, i love talking to new students each class, and it’s perfect for me.