TutorABC and their One-China policy requirements for teachers

Seeing news about how TutorABC is Chinese owned and forces the teachers to sign a document agreeing with one China policy and have to follow teaching guidelines agreeing.

Some teachers quitting when they realize this.

How can this be possible in Taiwan?


Market will drive them out

Who? The teachers who quit or the company?

I’ve seen this pop up on here and FB…

I teach for tutorabc and haven’t had any issues, I actually prefer to work from home on my computer instead of going into an actual classroom here in Taiwan.

No one has made me sign anything and I haven’t heard from any of the other teachers about signing things. The only thing that they tell us is to steer clear of talking about politics during class which isn’t really an issue.

If anyone has any other questions let me know!

Are you concerned that, because this a Chinese owned company, and I assume that you’re using your computer to connect to their servers in some form to teach, that they may snoop on you by gaining access to your personal stuff on your computer? IJS

I thought Tutor ABC is a Taiwanese company. In my town, one of the cram schools has a big sign for them on the building.

There’s an other company that has clown fish logo whose name means good buddy fish in English that has Taiwan based employees or should I say independent contractors.
Question about Tutor ABC to employees.
How are you taxed? I mean, are you an employee and is your pay withheld or do you have to settle your own taxes.
If you’re a citizen of a certain country, you must give an estranged uncle 15% of your money, before Taiwan taxes.

I’m pretty much too occupied with Family obligations to join a full time structured remote teaching program now.
Good Buddy Fish offers a “Free Talk” tutoring program where anyone who likes your face can call you.
The customer is charged a certain amount per minute in RMB, that you can set up within a range and you get that money minus significant service charge.
The problem is, they pay as an independent contractor and their actual payment fulfillment company is based in the US.

Since, i’m a long time resident here planning to become a citizen soon, if I were to accept this job, id have to figure how to keep the both the USA & Taiwenese Tax masters happy. Help!!!
Does Tutor ABC or any other teach at home company based in Taiwan offer a similar free talk program?
Until, I ditch the great uncle, I’d rather be taxed as a regular employee.

Not for some time.

On Tutorming, the Chinese-teaching version of TutorABC owned by the same company, the impact of the policy can be felt relatively clearly.

I can stay clear of Politics. If dealing with Chinese customers there’s plenty of culture movies and food to talk about.

What I’m looking for is a taiwanese-owned or based employer that allows free tutoring like the china-based Good Buddy Fish Company.
I need to be treated as a regular employee and not an independent contractor for tax purposes. The great uncle across the sea wants 15% before local Taiwan tax is paid as a self employment tax. And since Good Buddy Fish is a foreign based company, I have no idea how much I need to turn over to Taiwan. That’s why I turned down the job.
The General rule I’m led to believe is entitled to a piece of income of all work done in the ROC regardless of if the source of employment is overseas or not.