TV chat show looking for "foreign" guest speakers


Recently, I somehow got sucked into going on a TV chat show, “Huang Jing Chi Miao Ban” (Channel 30, M-F 9-10pm). Actually, the host and hostess are very nice, respectful people, and it was a pretty good experience. I would describe the show as “safe”, that is they don’t poke fun at the guests or get you do anything riduculous, and the topics are pretty safe, too.

Now, they are asking if there are any other Chinese-speaking foreigners who would like to appear on the show. They are looking for female guests for a recording next Tuesday afternoon in Neihu, to talk about the good things you have found in Taiwan. (Not from North America as they already have two). Please note that the show is all in Chinese and it is one hour long (around 2 hours’ recording time).

In addition, they have other topics coming up and welcome you to call and let them know you are interested in taking part in a future show.

You can call Wan-jen (0912991330), or PM me for more details.