"TV Commercial for Erection"

Did anybody see this ad on forumosa classified?


I thought the next election was in 2008? :s

Do i need to send in my erm…head shot? :smiley: hehe

They want only Pan-Asian erections, that’s a big order to fill…

as the famous t-shirt says:

“Use Acme Scaffolding for Fast Erections”

Harks me back to days of yore when there was that informercial for some penial enhancementification featuring a tank with a firing cannon, and a rocket.


Forumosa classifieds are probably OK, we can safely say that mostly adults use Forumosa.
Have you seen the ads for “erections” on the local TV channels? If you didn’t, they feature these (mostly) old geezers with bulging shorts, pointing excitedly to their nether regions! :noway:
Now… my kids speak fluent Chinese and THEY understand what these ads saying! This is PUBLIC TV, for heavens sake! :fume: