Tv evangelical rake in the dough

Yes the Catholic Church doesn’t do much to help the poor either.

I do agree with him on one point… I too want a falcon jet because travelling commercial really is flying in a long tube with a buncha demons.

“Jesus wouldn’t be traveling on a donkey if he were alive today.”

You gotta admit, the man has a point.

They prey on the elderly. In the early 80’s, when my great-grandmother passed, we found out that she had sent the famous televangelist of the time (forgot his name) all her savings, about US$250k. But oh well, it was her money.

The harm they do to the most vulnerable ones guarantees they are not going to be let into hell…the devil himself is too disgusted by their actions.

These leeches are gaing more and more political power in Latin America.

Because the Catholic church just isn’t efficient enough in their corruption.


Just a new alliteration. Same elite. It was just even there getting pedophile priests out of jail with helicopters was a bit too much!

The Catholics church insistance on no marriage attracts homosexuals.

All men…and don’t forget all the pretty clothes.

Taiwan is ripe for the picking. Recently noticed a lot more activity by the scientologists, JWs and the young Korean girl lures with a female god (what’s that church/religions name?).

Bad education, absent parents and a general fear of thkngs seem to make brainwashing extremely easy. Rotting from the inside out. And America is worried about Muslim immigrants lol.

You forgot to include living in dense urban areas on the West coast lol.

It seems living in Taidong is the only cure, but it does come with the pronounced side affects of ‘reduced sense of humour’ and ‘end of worldism’.

Win some , lose some.

Tom Cruise and his “friendly” scientologists have a nice huge building all to themselves in Kaohsiung.

More importantly, a cultural ingrained aversion to questioning authority and a rote educational system that makes critical thinking unthinkable.

Like lambs to slaughter…