TV High Jinks

Has anybody seen the “analyst” they’re trotting out on TVBS? None of the reporters in my office seem to know who the hell he is, save that he’s definitely NOT a member of any branch of the military. Nevertheless, he’s appearing on TV wearing “uniforms” that have obviously been bought from toy-gun stores. Yesterday it was desert cammo fatigues, topped with a very fetching forage cap. Today, he’s favoring some kind of leather bomber jacket with a plain khaki shirt, but I guess they couldn’t persuade him to part with his forage cap. Maybe tomorrow he’ll be wearing a frogman suit.

This seems to give the speaker credibility to the Chinese. To the rest of us, however, it gives the speak the look of a total wanker.

[quote]total wanker[/quote]I have called anybody that for ages :smiley:. At least your honest wolf.

yes, the TV coveraege here is very interesting, and as wolf says, it is for Taiwanese consumption, not expats. Sure. good point, wolf!

Not only the reporters who were army clothes in the studio, like TVBS, but also there was a dude dresssed up as an Arab with headdress and scarf, like Arafat, yesterday on another channel here. He was also a local expert! So weird! I think it was SET TV.

And CTi-Tv, the channel with the Russian dude Igor doing the translation, they had a deal with the arab TV CNN, showing Arab propaganda, to show the other side of CNN propaganda.

Yes it is all propaganda and the victors write the history.

Maybe Igor is a Russian spy?

Is Igor that redheaded foreigner doing the simultaneous interpretation? Because if he is, despite how they might dress him up, he’s pretty f*ing good.

Yes, that’s igor, the redheaded Russian guy does the simultaneous interp. Yes, he is damn good, knows Chinese very very well. Maybe he works for Putin on the side? He lives in Taipei with his mother. She is also Russian.

Yes, he is damn good reporter and interpreter. He works fulltime for the CTI TV news division in Neihu. Makes around NT$180, 000 per month, i heard. I think he deserves every sou, he works so hard there, as resident weiguiren, although most people think he’s a USAer. no no no. Comes from Moscow, but speaks English fluently as well. speaks 12 languages i think, a real polymath.

Too bad he works full time. Can you put me in touch with him somehow? Fujen is looking for a few good people to help with the interpreting program…not sure they could tempt him with much money but maybe something could be worked out, as he really is VERY good, at least what I saw. Much better than “Bao Jie-somebody” – had to turn him off, it made me too nervous to listen to him getting so far behind the speaker.

dont know how to reach him, but try CTI TV news division in NEihu. soemthing soemthing