TV Production

I have a great idea for a kid’s English television program that would engage the audience at home, involve elementary schools, would allow very low level and high level students to participate in both watching and on screen, would help schools in winning prizes like computers etc.

What I don’t know is anything about TV production?

Naturally, I can’t tell you what the idea is. However, if somebody knows anything about television production or has good contacts here with public TV, I would like to meet them.

Don’t tell me - It’s a kids quiz show in English. The show is at a different school each time and includes various wacky sports day events. Am I right?

Sounds like fun. Whether or not anyone will take it on is a different matter. Whatever your idea is I doubt you’ll receive any payment for it. Someone might say, ‘well we’ll think about it and get in touch’. Then, if they think it’s a good idea they’ll just go ahead and do a bastardized version of the idea, cutting you out of the loop.

Sorry to sound so cynical. Just giving it to you straight. Best of luck.

And they’ll write their own questions to save on the ‘expense’ of hiring a foreigner to do it. “Where is the capitol of France?”

Sorry guys, not even close.

Try the (Yo Yo) kids television station in taiwan or even disney taiwan and try to pitch it to them.

My girlfriend’s brother is a TV director and his wife works for that Buddhist channel. I can put you in touch, if you like.

I have contacts at Disney, and CTV, but I’m looking for more so to create a competitive scenario.

Thanks Juba, I would appreciate that. Please send me a PM.


Before you pursue anything, check out e4kids on PTS (Ch 53) at 5:15 p.m., as well as Let’s Talk in English at 6:30 p.m. Someone may have beat you to the punch. I’ve been told both of these shows are popular with elementary school kids.

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