TV repairman

my tv works fine except for when i hook up my DVD player… then the picture becomes black and white. i know it’s not a problem with the DVD player because i have tried two. i have also tried using a new cord (the one with the three colored prongs at the back). so instead of rushing out to buy a new TV, i was wondering where i could get mine fixed, as it will probably be a lot cheaper.

I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. It’s probably a compatibility problem rather than being broken. Either of the two devices from outside Taiwan?

Seems like a PAL/NTSC thing to me.

Yup. I was thinking that too.

Is that the one with the white, red and yellow prongs, or are they red, green and blue?

Where (in which country) did you buy the player and what region is the disk you are trying to play? Where is the TV from?

Please state make and model of TV and DVD player.

bought the dvd player in taiwan. tried playing dvd’s from taiwan. all dvd’s played fine up until recently. the 2nd dvd player i tried (After thinking it was maybe the dvd player and not the tv) is also a taiwan dvd player.

used the plugs that came with the dvd player… red white and yellow, and yes, i double and triple checked to make sure i had them in the right place.

It’s a Pioneer Dvd player. have no idea the brand of the tv as the front label thing was knocked out during a move, but it isn’t more than 2 years old.