TV Series in Chinese - what should I watch?

I watch TV soaps in Chinese for listening practice. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. :blush:

The thing is, since Da Chang Jin ended last year, I’ve not found anything I like.

Anybody have any recommendations?

Taiwan Tornado! It’s in Minnanese. :blush:

I think my housemate watches that. What channel is it on?

Channel 29 Monday through Friday. 8 PM, rerun at 12 AM, and next day at 12.30 PM they play last night’s rerun.

OK I found something suitably mushy - Xiao Dao Laoshi - Small Island Teacher - on Channel 43, 10pm. It’s from Korea and has one of the actors from Da Chang Jin and another from Somethingerother Zhuan Mu Ma, that were on last year.

Sorry, not having cable tv, I wouldn’t be able to judge it. But somebody posted [url= in Culture & History.


What is the show that takes place in a middle school/high school? The school seems to have about 3 female students, 3 male students, 2 teachers, and a goofy looking butt-of-the-jokes principal. Anyone know the one I mean?

Chinese fighting puppets on channel 102. No farking idea what they’re saying, but that’s quite the apocalyptic world in which they live.