TV Stations in Taiwan -- Names and Political Leanings

Can anyone out there help me a compile a list of the names of the major TV stations (in English and in Chinese, characters or pin yin) in Taiwan and the political leanings of these stations?

For example,


TTTV (Dong Sen ?)

CTS (Min Shi ?) Green (?) [Is this where Rick Chu now works, formerly of the Taipei Times ?]


FTV (Is this one?)

Much thanks to all those for their help.

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[quote]TTTV (Dong Sen ?)[/quote] I believe it’s ETTV, as “Dong” stands for east. Should be blue.

[quote]CTS (Min Shi ?)[/quote] CTS is Hua Shi. Used to be blue; it’s now green.

[quote]FTV [/quote] This is Min Shi, or Formosa TV, definitely green.

Don’t forget PTS (public television). It’s also on the green side I believe since it’s government sponsored.

Thanks, Incubus.

I’ll ask around and try to find out some more info. I’ll be sure to post it here.

Thanks again.

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TTV (Taiwan Dianshi – or Tai-Shi, for short)
This used to be owned by the Taiwan Provincial Government, so it was kinda like James Soong’s own private network. In the period leading up to him leaving office, TTV and its “cultural bureau,” TTVC, hosted many, many extremely expensive “farewell parties” for Soong around the country, all paid for by your tax dollars. (I hear from what I consider reliable sources that there were also lots of holes some of that money fell through; but that’s no big surprise.)

The station, however, is not so blue anymore.

TVBS, Private, deep blue.

TVBS= Television Bull Shit