TV trays

Anyone know where I could pick up TV trays? Those are trays on a stand that fold out so you can watch the tube and eat at the same time. We had them when I was a kid but they may be extinct now for all I know.

I know I’ve seen these somewhere. Try IKEA, Costco, Working House.

Yeah Ikea has (had) 'em.

I was at IKEA today and they have bed trays and ordinary trays…negatory on the TV trays. In fact IKEA has everything you can think of except TV trays. I’ll check out Costco next. I may have to improvise.

I have a feeling this might be one of those items you will find as soon as you buy something as a substitute.

My wife says Ikea still has them. $299NT… She bought ours last year, but she saw it again in the new catalogue. :idunno:

Maybe B&Q is worth a try, too?