TW-based acrobat falls and breaks neck, needs help for evacuation


Her employer, this Tony character, should be imprisoned. Having her perform on faulty equipment, and then deceiving her about her health coverage once she’s injured.


Cept’ personal insurance tends to exclude many things, likely one of which is what she did due to risk. Likely she would need some type of professional insurance at a much higher rate


That likely higher rate must look cheap now.


Yeah, it’s higher for a reason. An acrobat’s risk of injury is obviously going to be much higher than for the average profession.


OK, well Sam has landed in Taipei and is being prepped for surgery so good news on that front.


I think she’ll make a full recovery if they treat her properly and keep the swelling down. It’s a bloody miracle she wasn’t paralyzed. Maybe this story has a happy ending after all.


Now it says she’s not covered by NHI because she’s been out of the country for two years.

So what exactly is her connection to Taiwan? If she was here on an ARC/working for a bit and left for two years she’s no longer a legal resident and as good as a tourist (If it’s an APRC and she applied for the extension, different story).


Photo in that link shows her holding something that looks suspiciously like an ROC passport


Ah, she’s an ROC national then. Not an American.


Taiwanese husband.


So the passport belongs to him?


So did she get the surgery?


I hope there is no further complications and she makes a full recovery and hopefully no red tape to get in the way.

News of her injury has now spread around the world. And imagine what Taiwan would look like it if doesn’t give her the surgery she paid 40k for a jet flight for?


She didn’t pay 40k. Everyone else did. Why isn’t the footballer who owns the club getting more heat?


Why should Taiwan taxpayer pay for her? Either she is authorized or not.

Or maybe there is another country that would pay just because she flew in?


In America health care costs a lot of money. But at least if you are unable to pay, they will treat you for free on humanitarian grounds.

So she is in surgery and she has to pay. At least TW hospitals don’t charge insane rates like in the USA. So hopefully the donations will cover it. Thought her insurance was supposed to cover her treatment , just not her flight? AT any rate, technicalities aside, I wish her well. and speedy recovery.


Yes good point, two good points actually.


Maybe after this she should reconsider her career path. I don’t know if doing acrobatics on shoddy exercise equipment in second-world countries pays the bills, but it’s certainly not good for one’s long term health.


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Well anyway, surgery was a success. Sam’ll be needing some more funds because the surgeon had use some specialized equipment not covered in the original surgery charge.

Not sure why people feel the need to make snide comments on this. Sam had workplace accident insurance through her employer, an Australian company, but the insurer refused to pay due to the fact the rigging method used by Finn’s Beach Club was unsafe and not industry standard. Finn’s are refusing to help Sam in anyway and are refusing to engage with anyone on the issue.