TW CL newspapers green or blue?

Hi all

Can you tell me which Chinese language newspapers are green-leaning and which blue?

China Times ?

United Daily News Blue

Liberty Times Green?

any others?

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In my impression, the United Daily News is blue. Ditto for the China Post.

The Liberty Times and Taipei Times are green.

China Times seems about 60% blue, and I guess Taiwan News is about the same.

The Chinese language ‘Liberty Times’ is the sister paper of the English language ‘Taipei Times’
The Chinese language ‘China Times’ is the sister paper of the English language ‘China Post’.

I don’t read the Chinese papers (well, fortunately, the pictures in the Apple Daily tell the whole story so reading is only semi-required…) but a lot can be gleaned from the relationships of the Chinese and English papers. The Taipei Times is generally green-leaning papers but the Taipei Times will not hesitate to blast the DPP when appropriate. Also, interestingly enough, they also blast their own sister paper the Liberty Times on occasion. There is some petty anti-China stuff in the Taipei Times on occasion but the editorials tend to be liberal, interesting, and pretty well-written. Many of the opinion pieces are just English translations of those run in the Liberty Times.

The China Post is blue leaning and I would assume the c.l. China Times is the same. The editorials in the China Post tend to be grim-faced and pan-blue. They were especially disappointing during the Shih Ming-teh depose Chen campaign where they became really deep blue.

Writer Jerome Keating had an obvious reference to the China Post in a recent article: … index_html
“One English language newspaper in Taiwan stands out in this regard. It survived and prospered in an age of toadies, yes-men, and sycophants when anyone who even hinted that Chiang could perhaps be more democratic was sent to Green Island. To justify its survival the editorials of this paper now laud Chiang as the savior of Taiwan and preserver of democracy.”

Anyway, you be the judge as both the English papers are available online…

shouldn’t take too much to notice…

And I don’t see them as green or blue… I see them as biased or not… being the bias the money behind the newspaper…

anyway, just try to read 2 or 3 everyday so you can have your own idea… specially on the lack of journalistic details (aka facts) on them…