TW E-Bay Payment

I am one of those people who speak Chinese, but read very little. I can navigate tw e-bay well enough to get the item I need, but I don’t know how payment is made. I can’t seem to see any phone number for e-bay, either, to call and ask. There’s no pay-pal in tw, right? I reckon you’ve got to somehow go to the post office and pay into someone’s account or something. So, if anyone knows how it works. . .

Many Thanks!

You can find all listings originating in Taiwan from will list many items that will not ship to taiwan, so just make sure you contact the seller first. I managed to get an seller to send to Dalian Lioning in mainland China once. So it is possible if you contact them in person. Paypal should take Taiwanese banks accounts so you can pay for your auctions through them.


Hi there,
I use regular e-bay all the time, and most sellers will agree to ship to Taiwan (it’ll cost you though, but if stuff is small and from the US ask the seller to ship in a USPS priorty flat rate envelope, $5 to $9 depending on size).

Paypal will NOT accept your taiwanese bank account though (I tried and they told me they do not accept bank information for accounts in Taiwan). Luckily, I have a VISA from Canada that I keep up, so I use that for Paypal. It would probably bbe your best bet.

I haven’t looked at the TW e-bay, so I don’t know how to answer your original question, sorry!

I just thought I’d add that maybe they wouldn’t accept the information in my case because my credit card, already on the account, was not from Taiwan. Maybe they need both to be from Taiwan (card and account).

The easiest thing to do is contact Paypal for help. They even have customer service reps that speak chinese and can call your bank for you if need be.