TW girls piss off koreans by crumbling their flag

These (super cute) TW girls are just saying support the Taiwan team (i think its baseball) against the korean team tonite at 730.

But they crushed the Korean flag and pissed off a buncha people.

See , TW girls can be cute and still set off a shit fest. Think they can or cannot crush the korean flag?

(i dont mind, do you ? )

Why are they waving bits of coloured paper in front of the camera while we’re trying to gawp at boobs?

They didn’t actually burn it though, did they (as per the video title)? Taiwanese people rarely miss an opportunity to set fire to stuff, so I thought that showed admirable restraint.

Why are the Koreans mad anyway? It’s not like someone forced them to replace a flag that oppressed them for 50 years with a even more ugly looking fake flag.

I think that is still disrespectful to crumple up a flag, even if you hate that country.
But they are kids so people should let it slide.

Fox News Korea is gonna run with this.

This is from March 6th. By now it is totally forgotten and everyone is running for cover from the non-eminent North Korean attach.

they are just a buncha young girls. just supporting their home team against the koreans, They just thought it was kinda harmless to crumble up a hand drawn korean flag (that apparently wasnt even drawn correctly) and you should see the comments !! Surprised the Koreans didnt go Jihad on the girls and send a hit squad !!

I bet these girls watch korean soaps, dig korean hit music and buy korean stuff. They dont really hate korea they are just supporting their baseball team.

besides how can anyone stay mad at these cuties (the ones on the sides are nicest…surprisingly miss biggest titty isnt my fav, although close second. I like the one on the right :slight_smile: )

ok maybe miss biggest titty IS the cutest, or uh, well maybe the one in the middle , shes purrty hot too.

Heck i will just like them all :slight_smile: