TW Mobile 3g data setup

So, I bought a shiny new Windows Mobile 6 phone (Samsung Blackjack II) and signed up for a TW Mobile 3g account (688 plan, if it matters), but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get online. Calls and SMS work fine. Anybody got experience with this? Does it involve user names, passwords, access points or some such other arcane setup?

[quote=“Quick”]Does it involve user names, passwords, access points or some such other arcane setup?[/quote]I don’t think it should do. I think there should be some kind of auto setup thing for all that. The manual for that phone isn’t very helpful on the subject:[quote]The phone is unable to connect to
the Internet

• Ensure that you set up and connected to
an Internet service provider.
• Check if your wireless connection to your
mobile service provider is switched on
and the signal from the GPRS network is
not obstructed.
• Verify with your service provider that your
user name and password are correct.
• Verify with your Internet service provider
that the network you are trying to connect
is available, or try to connect it from
another PC.
You could try doing various levels of reset with the SIM card in, to see if it auto-configures when it restarts. A soft reset first, then if that doesn’t work maybe a hard one. In the case of a hard reset, you’d have to make sure you’d backed up all your data and any applications that weren’t part of the original ROM, though.

I may be wrong, but I believe the 688 plan is only for voice and SMS calls. I think you need a separate plan for data. Call the number at the top of oyour bill, they usually have someone around who speaks the old English.

Or swing by and talk to Vincent at the Nokia dealer at 157 Heping, sec 2. Friendly, excellent English, and can set you up with whatever service you need.

Hmm, maybe you’re right, Loretta. I looked at the TW Mobile English web page–the 688 plan has different rates for voice and video calls, so I assumed video meant data/internet. The weird thing is I got online with Opera last night, but today the data connection is off again.