TW Tesla selection quality going down while prices are not?

A few months ago I was able to design my own Model 3 on the Tesla TW website and add FSD as well as search for used Model 3’s with FSD.

As of now, there have been recent US Tesla price cuts relative to US prices, however, TW prices are still relatively the same. Meanwhile:

  1. I’m no longer able to fully customize my Tesla on their TW website anymore.
  2. All used Teslas offered are only Long Range or Performance (No basic RWD Model 3)
  3. None of the Teslas (Used, New, or any configuration) seems to come with FSD; only Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot.

Does anyone have any background as to why these changes were made?
If Musk is trying to dissuade me from buying now, he is succeeding.

No idea, but if this helps you to dodge a bullet… you can thank them.

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Tesla voluntarily suspends Full Self-Driving Beta rollout: Know why?

According to a report, Tesla has paused all new updates regarding the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta until the glitch can be appropriately fixed. The automaker stated that it has stopped the rollout

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Why lower prices for a thing people are waiting in line to buy at full price?

Nevermind the owner going pretty pro china vs american made. or having remote control over your car and them .locking out your vehicle based on repairs done outside of monopoly. many reasons to say fuck tesla (to be fair, many brands now with computer controlled cars are also full on C words…). but their cool tech with electric isnt one of them, respect for that. and respect for telling dealership rackets to fuck right off. kudos. otherwise, the company boss is a tool like all the others. or, a hypocrite. yuck.


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As far as I can tell, not only is the FSD utter shite, but it will remain that way at least for any model currently sold as even the latest onboard processor simply doesn’t have the horsepower to handle enough input fast enough to do a good job. :man_shrugging:

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When ordering a Model Y, I get the option to add FSD.

Appears Teslsa updated their website, maybe they reenabled the option.

Pointless anyway, FSD has never been activated in any car in Taiwan, and given the road conditions likely never will be.

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Also pointless because FSD suuuuccckkkkkkssssss. Well, it can suck. Sometimes it’s awesome. The problem is you don’t know when it’ll be which. Which sucks. :smiley:

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Cry me a f***ing river.