TWD going UP - updates in 2021-2023?

Could anyone explain to me why the NTD is continuing to devalue now? Are we racing downward to stay in line with the yen—or is something else going on?


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Probably interest rate related since they are so slow to increase it.

The other reason will be GDP growth .

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No, I don’t. I stayed in airbnbs when I was taking advantage of the weak euro.

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Interest rates. Plus China’s fundamentals are worsening so they drag down the rest of Asia with them.


It’s been good for me and others with US funds or US$ based income.

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Buy and sell both 32 plus now… 32.5 coming?

USD gonna be riding high for a while, I’m starting to think EUR will dip first.

What’s the reason for such a high dollar value despite all the inflation?

Well I get some income in Quid, happy its 40+ now, year ago 37, so almost 10% more which did not expect

High interest rates causing capital inflow.

Isn’t Taiwan raising their interest rate as well?

Not to 5%.

So is there any relationship to the price of products vs. their currency value? I mean you would think that stuff would get cheaper if dollar got cheaper right? I mean like for example, Japan’s stuff hasn’t gotten more expensive even though their currency keeps dropping.

Jesus, man. Read an econ book or something.


Wait until Yen hits 200.
Things will be bargain-basement cheaper than they already are cheap.

Woo, first time in years I’ve been able to withdraw NT$12k from my UK account in one go. :partying_face:

(I realize that’s low for some countries, but all of my UK banks have a daily card limit of 300 GBP. I think there was another brief period last year where it went over 40 TWD/GBP too.)


Can’t you just adjust the max withdrawal with the bank?


The daily limit isn’t really a problem anyway — my point was more about the increasing TWD/GBP rate making it possible to withdraw noticeably more TWD for what feels like the same amount of GBP.

HSBC has a new offering up to 7% on US$ fixed term. If NT$ keeps depreciating I might make another 3 month fixed term deposit. I got 6% from my last 3 months.

Is this the one? It seems to be offered to new Premier customers. Or is it available to existing Premier customers, too