TWD to PHP: exchange where?

Hello everyone,

as per title, I am about to go to the Philippines in a few days and I am wondering where should I exchange TWD > PHP (~10K).

Here in Taipei (probably at the airport when I am leaving) or when I land in Manila? Anyone with any insights that can help?


Usually better rates in the country of the target currency.

Easy to change at the airport in Manila. In the city, use Google Maps to look for Sanry and Czarina, the 2 bigger FX changers. Changing money in the banks in Manila is not worth it because the banks take so long

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I guess I will look for the exchange booths at the airport in Manila since I am planning to exchange everything in one go.

But I will keep in mind the ones in the city, since I got other currencies.

Thanks for the info

The US is an exception. Do not change currencies at the airport in the US. Not only the rates are very bad there is an 8 dollar transaction fee.

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There are 3 terminals at NAIA in Manila and all of them have small branches/counters of 3 or 4 banks right after you clear customs.

I happen to be staying in an AirBNB in Makati right now, and I recall there was a Czarina on the street level of this very building. When I walked out of the building this afternoon, I was surprised to see that the Czarina is gone, and I smiled when I realized it is being replaced by a Taiwan Bubble Tea shop


This looked useful

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Thanks, I see there’s lots of branches in Makati. I will be exactly in your situation (airbnb in that neighbourhood) so that comes useful.

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