Twn gsm - gprs

Hi can some one help me setup my phone? I am using a Nokia 6600 and i want to use GPRS to access the net through my phone. But dont know how to set the settings. Does anyone here knows how? thanks in advance

If you want to use WAP ask the store to do it for you (it should be very easy). If you’re talking about getting a laptop or palm device to work with it we’ll need more information.

You probably need to get the GPRS activated so you’ll need to talk to your provider either way. And, again, the more information you give us the better.

Which telco are you with? FarEasTone can help you set up your phone using the Internet and SMS - you give them the make of your phone and your phone number on the website, they send you an SMS including setup details, you click “Yes” when it asks if you want to install it, and viola, WAP on.

I am using TWN GSM… coz i dont know how to ask if ill gonna ask them through phone…

Hi artagnan5

Here’s a step by step for your particular phone.

The settings will have to be the TWN GSM’s though, not the ones given on that page.

I was trying to find the settings on Taiwan Mobile’s site (That IS your carrier, isn’t it?), but I found that they actually have English customer support. See here for more details…

“For more information, please call our 24-hour TOLL FREE customer service line at 188 from your handset (simply press 3 for English service) or 02-6606-2977 (24-hour English direct line)”

The thing is that even if you found the settings, GPRS would probably not work unless they had specifically activated it for you, so you really are better speaking to them.

First call the operator and get the service activated (note the different tariffs). Then you are asked to download the settings to your phone.
If you have problems connecting via your laptop call again, TWN GSM customer hotline walked me through the settings.

thanks for the advice… hehehe… i just went directly to a nearby TWN GSM office they already fixed my phone and GPRS

How much do you pay for that? Is it per byte/megabyte or is it a fixed monthly amount?