Two adorable puppies up for adoption

Two adorable puppies up for adoption.

They’re not mine and I wouldn’t be able to look after them responsibly, due to the nature of my work.

The owners say if they don’t find homes for them in the very near future, they’ll have them, put down!

They’re only weeks old and sooooooo cute. Both female, black, very soft coats and extremely affectionate.

Please help me find homes for them! I will try and post photo’s of them later today, if the owners will let me.

I’d love to adopt them but my husband & I don’t know how much longer we plan to stay in Taiwan. We’ll be staying for a year and no solid plan after that, either he continues to work here or move to another country. If I adopt them, I wouldn’t be able to bring it with me abroad when we move around (no money) and I don’t know that many people here so I can’t ask someone else to take care of it. We can be foster parents, form a few month up to a year. So if anyone else would like to adopt but can’t do it now or prefer them older (because puppies do take a lot of energy & time, think of all the broken furnitures :smiley:) maybe I can help taking care of them temporarily. I’ll have to talk about it with my hubby too of course. I hope they get to have a home.

I’m sure the puppies would prefer a year of love and care than a few months of life ending in a sack, a large brick and a river… If you’re serious, pm me…

Mondrosen, if you could foster them, we could happily help promote them until they’re adopted. All it takes is a little time and persistence and they will find great permanent homes.

I’ve discussed the matter with my husband and currently we prefer to foster cats as we live in a small apartment (so taking care of cat would be easier for us). I’ve contacted Animals Taiwan for fostering cats but if for some reason we won’t be able to foster any cat perhaps I’ll reconsider fostering these puppies instead. I hope they an get a new home soon.