Two Australians getting married in Taiwan - specific qus

Hello, I know that there is a lot of information on getting married in Taiwan generally, but some of it is a bit old now, and I have some specific questions. I have contacted the Australian office here and they were spectacularly unhelpful (when I finally got to speak to someone). Please bear with me.

  1. Can we (two Australians) get married here? If so is the process the same as that for a marriage involving a ROC national (ie get your single certs, get them stamped at TECO, stamped at MOFA and take yourself down to the city hall to book a time)?

  2. If we get married here, can my fiance get a JFRV through me (I have a student ARC), or will the authorities here not recognise the ROC marriage cert?

  3. What jurisdiction do we need to get single certs from? The jurisdiction where we were born? Where we are registered to vote? Should we both try and get certs from the same jurisdiction so that they look the same (less bother and confusion)? DFAT has a general ‘certificate of no impediment to marriage’, is this better/worse/the same as a single status cert?

I think that’s it for the moment, but there may be more questions later on.

Thanks in advance for any replies.