Two boys born today

Congratulations, Fox. I read your post after I came home last night at about 4.30 a.m. and dreamt of giving birth all night.
But congratulations, anyways. Who do you think they’ll look like?

, Fox and Limey! :bravo:

My youngest brothers are twins, too. Housecat is right, it’s double fun
(and double trouble)

Great news Fox! Congratulations! Call me when its cool for me & J to come see 'em.

And congrats to you too, Limey!

Best to you and the wide.

Congrats to you both!!!

Thanks to everybody and congratulations to you too Limey.

I had my first sleepless night last night. Now I’m just looking for one of those immitation breast thingos that Robert Di Nero had in Meet the Fockers. Who of all the forumosans would be most likely to have one of those?
Come on CS. Hand it over!

Funnily enough a few days after my daughter was born we had the 921 earthquake, last night I was thinking shit here we go again.

Congrats fox!!!

Congratulations to you and your wife!

Congratulations, Fox!

Well, what can I say?..Congratulations!! Twins? Double trouble! :bravo:
Very well done indeed.


:blush: My baby’s first picture!

Fox, do yours look like this? I’m sure they are just a tactile!

L :smiley:


Hell, Limey, I thought G4 was, like, your fourth daughter (fourth girl) and I was trying to find another cigar image.

But now I see we’re talking different hardwares completely, although I now wouldn’t doubt you were one of the guys standing in Ed’s and Michael’s delivery room.

In any case, congrats are fired away on this end. Does it keep you awake nights?

Nice work there, Fox, and extra well done by the foxy lady in presenting you with a fine pair of kits.

Things’ll be lively around your den for the next couple of decades or so!


Ouch! Limey pushing that little baby out would have hurt. Is your wife OK?

Thanks again everybody. I even got a note from an old forumosan who has long since past from our midst, but still stalks the ether in her Alien ways as the ghost in the machine. She’s doing very well by the sounds of it too.

[quote=“Fox”]Ouch! Limey pushing that little baby out would have hurt. Is your wife OK?


When it was delivered I was the one screaming! Give it a couple of months, she’ll be screaming at me to get off the damn thing.


Hope your family is well today!

L :smiley:

congrats! you’re truly blessed among men!

Congratulations to Fox and Limey!